This question drives me nuts! Please, anyone, help me!

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Hi guys,

alright, so here is the question I recently read on my iPhone app. I just think too complicated I guess, but I really don´t get it and....please don´t laugh at me - it´s a fairly easy question!

A nurse caring for a client who has just received chemotherapy infusion is wearing a disposable gown, gloves, and goggles for protection. The nurse knows that accidental exposure to chemotherapy agents can occur through:

A: absorption through the gloves

B: absorption through the gown

C: absorption through the goggles

D: inhalation of aerosols

So the answer is D - "inhalation of aerosols". But why?

The nurse doesn´t wear a MASK - she ONLY wears a gown, gloves and goggles - so why would I answer with aerosols when she doesn´t take care of herself and wears a mask? I just need somebody to tell me a different way of thinking - because I really don´t know why it´s the "inhalation"... I mean I know it can happen with chemotherapy agents - but why is it in this question when she DOES NOT WEAR a mask?

The rationale just said:

Aerosol inhalation or absorption through the skin can cause accidental chemotherapy exposure. A nurse must wear a disposable gown and gloves when preparing and administering chemotherapy. She won´t absorb chemicals through an intact gown, protective gloves, or goggles.

So WHY doesn´t she have to wear a mask when aerosol inhalation could happen??? I am sorry, it just drives me nuts when I don´t understand things! 8-)

I really would appreciate your help and give me a different path to answer this question - I really feel stupid right now....duh....

I think you are reading too much into the question....I look at it this way...with or without the mask she is exposed to the chemo through inhalation aersols....

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I just had a similar question but the answer was because the chemo drugs are obsorbed through skin contact so must wear I think I would got that question wrong too...

I got that same exact question a couple days ago...I selected D but this is how i came up with the correct strategy was this....she already had on gown, gloves and goggles...the only thing she did not have on was a I figured inhalation of aerosols might be one way to become exposed and she did not put on a mask....that's how I narrowed it down....I hope this help!!!

I haven't even started nursing school yest but my answer was D. Why D? Because A.B, and C all said with absorption so if it can absorb through one it can absorb through all. This was my rationale. Hope it helped. Perhaps she knew either way that she would still inhale it with or without a mask, but at the end of the day WHY she's not wearing it is not important. The fact that she isn't wearing one is important. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why this imaginary nurse is not wearing a mask.

The answer is D because she isn't wearing the mask so that puts her at risk for inhalation

Thank you guys. I am good at reading too much into questions - I need to figure out a way to stop that... :banghead: :bugeyes:

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Reading too much into an NCLEX question is a bad habit that you need to break.

When you read the question look for key works, understand exactly what the question is asking. Then eliminate the obviously wrong answers.

Look at your key words again and from there you should be able to select the one right answer.

I know how you feel, some of theses questions just don't make any sort of sense. I recently found out that the NCLEX exan itself is written by professors of education NOT medical professionals, imagine that?

In reading the question, I noticed that the nursing was wearing everything except a mask. And if she was wearing everything except a mask then the answer would be inhalation, in that that would be her only exposure.

Thanks again! I know I need to break this habit to read too much into a question, it´s hard though. But I guess I will get better the more I study.

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