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  1. triniminnie102

    New grad jobs in nyc

    Does anyone have any leads on where I can find a job as a new grad lpn in NYC? Brooklyn preferred but I also could travel to queens, bronx, the city, harlem, etc.. Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  2. triniminnie102

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    Yes the PNAT and the C-net is the same thing. C-NET is the group that administers the P-NAT. I would HIGHLY recommend that you purchase 2 practice tests. One to study from and one to time yourself when you feel like you've gotten everything. The goldwater campus has a prep program every year. Its free and it helps you with everything the test will cover. I HIGHLY recommend you go if you can. Its two days a week and well worth it. Best of luck. And even though the lastest date currently online is the 7th they are eventually going to open up dates going into april so you actually have one of the earlier exam dates.
  3. triniminnie102

    lpn program cnet 2012

    I have been admitted into the program for this year. Its the c-net first, the tabe a couple weeks later if you pass, and then the teas a day or two later. If you pass the c-net the tabe and teas are a breeze. The teas is english and math only. No science involved. Focus on the C-net because that is the hardest of all 3 exams.
  4. triniminnie102

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    Congratulations Dior!
  5. triniminnie102

    I'm curious...did you have to pay for uniform?

    NYC "fees" (because our school is tuition free) is $2500. That includes books and uniforms, graduation fees, NCLEX testing fees, etc. etc.
  6. triniminnie102

    Ticked off 1st semster 3weeks left

    I'm sorry your experience has been so sour. keep your head up. You will make it through!
  7. triniminnie102

    This question drives me nuts! Please, anyone, help me!

    I haven't even started nursing school yest but my answer was D. Why D? Because A.B, and C all said with absorption so if it can absorb through one it can absorb through all. This was my rationale. Hope it helped. Perhaps she knew either way that she would still inhale it with or without a mask, but at the end of the day WHY she's not wearing it is not important. The fact that she isn't wearing one is important. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why this imaginary nurse is not wearing a mask.
  8. triniminnie102


    Good luck! I know you will do well!
  9. triniminnie102

    Just accepted into LVN program that starts next Monday!

    Darn that sucks! I know how difficult it is to apply and then be accepted off of a waitlist. I was waitlisted as well and then got accepted and my school gave me 2 days to come up with $1500 to register and hold my seat. I wish you the best of luck and I hope your situation works itself out. Perhaps you can apply for a private loan? I have no clue when it would be disbursed but PNC bank has a great loan for healthcare providers. Private Student Loans for Health & Medical Professions | PNC Education Loan CenterGood luck on your nursing journey and if this school doesn't work out keep your head up. It might take a bit longer but i'm sure you will find another school.
  10. triniminnie102

    Just accepted into LVN program that starts next Monday!

    So what were your plans if you got accepted earlier? How were you going to get there since it is 2 hours away? Not trying to be sarcastic, just curious. Perhaps you can try to suck it up and drive until you get your financial aid. OR if your lucky, maybe when you start classes you can get lucky and find someone to carpool with. Then during that time until financial aid comes in you can look for places to stay. But if it were me I wouldn't move (too much hassle, too uncertain, and too stressful) I think you would be better off just getting a new car.
  11. triniminnie102

    Thinking of having a baby while in LPN school

    I'm not to sure about the admittance process. I think you may have better luck by starting a new thread specifically under the nursing school tab or find an ongoing thread about the school and ask there. Also, with nursing school these days there is no such thing as definitely getting in with it being so competitive. Best of luck to you on your nursing endeavor!
  12. triniminnie102

    Thinking of having a baby while in LPN school

    Agreed! I'm 21 so all my friend are posting their B.S.N. degrees on FB and I just grit my teeth and wish I would have went to school straight out of H.S. But it's better late than never!
  13. triniminnie102

    Thinking of having a baby while in LPN school

    Yes I have heard people say more often than not that they feel behind and I thought they were so lucky because I certainly will not be getting that opportunity lol. I know that most schools that are not community colleges do not operate by semesters and therefore they cannot have a teacher just reteach a class. The students and teachers need to move on to the next class.
  14. triniminnie102

    Thinking of having a baby while in LPN school

    Well let's say if god forbid anything went wrong this is something to consider. I'm sure you worked hard to get into the program and you wouldn't want to start from scratch if anything were to happen. I think I would have a nervous breakdown if that ever happened. lol. I know you said you were waiting on an alternate list for a R.N. program but it if were me I wouldn't mess with a sure thing. Best of luck to you and I know you will make whatever decision is right for yourself and your family! :)
  15. triniminnie102

    1st week done

    I have yet to start classes but I live to hear everyone's updates about how classes are going. lol. Now when you say 50 pages is that hand written notes or powerpoints?
  16. triniminnie102

    Got accepted into CNA program!

    Wait, so you finished your whole program in a month? That's great! I wonder if this is generally how long the programs are. How long were your school days? And congratulations

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