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I pm'd ya

Gotta LOVE San Diego - just not right now...too many tourists what with the stupid bowl and all


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At my school graduations is $200.00 plus 90.00 cap and gown fee. NCLEX exam runs just over $200.00. And my school requires a 1 week caplan course, they haven't given us the figues for that yet. Without the class they won't release transcripts so therefore we can't take boards.


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Between living expenses, tuition, books, photocopying, practicals, uniforms and clothing, etc,'s about $40,000CAD


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Cap, gown, invitations, etc $65.00

Nursing Pin $35-160.00

Frame for degree $155.00

Sitting Fee for picture for school to have $25.00

Prep class to take your boards $100-200.00

Fee for state boards, pending you only have to take it once...$200.00

This is just senior expenses. But the thrill of being finally done with college---priceless.


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It's $380.00 here just to take my boards here in Florida!!!

$200.00 to the state (for them to review my paperwork)

$ 180.00 to the Nclex testing company (so I can use their computers!)

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