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Third time is a charm. NCLEX 9/24/14 My story.

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anursedad has 8 years experience .

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Hello Allnurses! Finally, my turn to post my nclex success story. Those who posted their experience truly helped me so much in how I focused and paced my own review habits.

Ok. Here it goes.

I passed NCLEX RN last Sep. 24. at 130 questions. A lot of satas, drag and drop, picture, prioritization, inf control, pharm (herbal meds too).

When I failed November last year, I honestly would say I got depressed. I picked up myself when my wife gave birth to my daughter the next month.

Beginning of 2014. I started reading the book Saunders Q&A. Only did that while I was at work in the ER as ER tech. After a few months, I started doing La Charity PDA.

Since the demand of time from my work and new family adjustments, I only started doing Kaplan On-demand last July. I finished watching all the videos and answered all Qtrainers and Q banks.

I believe Kaplan really helped me and so is the Lacharity. Also the 35page review guide from this forum really helped too.

For the working full timeNCLEX takers I highly recommend:

1. LA Charity PDA

2. 35 page review guide

3. Kaplan On demand.

Be dedicated in giving time to study. There is no easy way. Believe in yourself.

My supportive wife truly helped me alot. She gave me the gift of time. She sacrificed her working hours to make sure I get my atleast 4 hrs a day of studying.

To those who will be taking NCLEX, please please focus and veer away from any negative thoughts and negative people. Do not entertain any negativity. Stay away from people and stuff you know that attracts negative things. Focus, and achieve your goal.

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ChocolateNurse has 4 years experience.

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Congrats! May this be a great new beginning for you and your family

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Congrats! I love your story. I work full time as well and it seems like there is never enough time to study. Reading your story gives me hope. Thanks for sharing.

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chiandre has 25 years experience and specializes in EDUCATION;HOMECARE;MATERNAL-CHILD; PSYCH.

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YAYYYY!!! Congrats!!

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