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anursedad has 8 years experience.

Born and raised in Manila, PH Currently residing on the small island of Guam. Where America's day begin.

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  1. anursedad

    Moving to Guam

    Guam is a small island in the Pacific Region, island life is more laid back and simple living with direct flights to Manila and Japan, Souteast Asia is just very close by for short trips. Try searching for Guam Regional Medical City and Guam Memoria...
  2. anursedad

    RN test center in Guam

    [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=width: *, colspan: 4]PRMIA Test Centers in Guam[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH=width: *]Test Centers - Sorted by City[/TH] [TH=width: *]Telephone[/TH] [TH=width: *]Address[/TH] [TH=width: *]Directions[/TH] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: *]Gu...
  3. anursedad

    Moving to NYC-Brooklyn from Tampa, FL

    Hello! I am searching on topics of nurses moving to NY and have found this thread, just wanted to find out how have you been. How is NY as a workplace now. I intend to move and NY is on top of the list, coming froma small island of Guam in the pacifi...
  4. anursedad

    RN pay in Las Vegas

    I have 6 years hospital experience, last 2 is from the Emergency Dept. and I am from Guam (a small island in the pacific, US territory) would the hospitals give relocation incentives?
  5. anursedad

    Guam RN

    Hi any news from GMH?
  6. anursedad

    Filipino RNs at Central Texas

    Hello fellow pinoy nurses! I am currently considering moving to Texas. Well, I'm still thinking which part of Texas. We are a family of 4. Any suggestions which is the best place to for a filipino family to move in to there?
  7. Any recommendation for an online NP program that can be done while I am here on Guam? I used to work in a clinic and there were 2 NP students doing their clinicals following MDs. I asked them but their schools are no longer accepting new students fr...
  8. anursedad

    Best Nclex review in manila

    I used kaplan nclex on demand. I followed all instructions of the program. Also, I used La Charity PDA which I believe must be read at least 2 x before taking nclex. Good luck!
  9. anursedad

    Guam RN

    Apply in Guam Regional Medical City and Guam Memorial Hospital just search their websites. Also, try FHP/take care and Guam Surgicenter. All these facilities are looking for RNs.
  10. My wife is also BSN graduate from Manila Philippines and she is reviewing for her NCLEX RN exam soon. That's really a good thing to consider! The kind of environment that best suits us! I was only considering at first was a place with a great neigh...
  11. anursedad

    Fired for following orders

    I heard of a story that a Tech intubated a patient in an actual trauma room in an ED. Yes. He got fired.
  12. anursedad

    Filipino Graduate Applying for RN license in Texas

    Yes! That is true!
  13. anursedad


    I graduated 2006 and I had to do volunteer or residency work even at that time just so I could get a job in a hospital. Just keep on applying! If this is really your career path look at some other places to work in to. They have now what they telehe...
  14. anursedad


    There is a very tough competition here. And the only way to be able to come here for a work visa is to level up your credentials. And getting a work visa here through employer would also require those 3 things I mentioned. Like here in Guam, we Guam ...
  15. anursedad


    Katabolic, how about the kind of life there in San Antonio. Would you recommend that city for raising a family. I have 2 kids and thinking of relocating. Houston is where I am researching at right now.