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Thinking of going to Excelsior college- pros or cons?

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I've seen a lot of threads on this subject, but they are a couple of years old. I was hoping for more recent feedback on the pros and cons of going through Excelsior. I'm currently working on obtaining my LPN through a local community college. The waiting list to get back into the lpn - rn program is about 1.5 years. I don't want to wait that long to return to school....I want to get this done asap.

I have over one year experience working as a nursing assistant in a hospital. Before that, my main experience was in business administration.

Given that I have little experience in the medical field, would I be setting myself up for failure?

Thanks in advance!

Work as a LPN afterwards, and apply to Excelsior at the sametime. You can gain nursing experience as a LPN. I don't think you're setting up yourself for failure. If this is something you want to accomplish then go for it. Good Luck

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I wish i would have done EC as soon as i graduated LPN school because the info would have been more fresh in my mind! One good thing about being a new LPN in this program (in my opinion onlly) is that you will not have learned "bad" habits and "shortcuts" that all of us do learn while actually working so it may be easier to grasps EC's way of thinking and doing the nursing skills. I've been an LPN for 5yrs but have never worked in hospital setting, only LTC, and clinics, and home health and now i teach CNA classes. If you know you do not have A&P or Micro already completed at the college level you could always work on some gen eds up til you graduate so that you would only have the nursing core classes to finish in the end.

My advice is to use EC as a backup plan to a traditional program if at all possible.


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Do you guys know if EC is accepted in California?

I'm planning on getting my license in Michigan.....if I have my license...then can I transfer to another state?

For those who say this should be a back up plan...can you please elaborate on what you mean?


There are people who fail the CPNE three times at the end and do not complete the program, or they are too afraid to take the CPNE at all, and do not complete the program. Then you are out time, effort, and money with nothing to show for it, because EC nursing courses do not transfer. When you go to a traditional program, for the clinical courses, all you have to do is show up for clinical, do not anger your instructor, do the work in a satisfactory, safe manner, and you are home free. A whole lot easier and more chance for success than the EC CPNE. Although the CPNE and the entire EC experience is doable, it is not a given, and therefore is better as a backup plan.

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I went from cna-lpn to Excelsior for my rn and I am glad I did, but if I had not been an lpn, I would never of made it. I went through excelsior 2 yrs ago, now finshed my BSN at a local university. As far as Cali, they recently told me it is case by case, if you are licensed from another state and try to get into Cali. Good Luck:up::up::up:

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For those who say this should be a back up plan...can you please elaborate on what you mean?

Just that -- you should probably exhaust traditional options before trying EC.


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Quick question - Where did you do your clinicals in Phoenix? I am approaching that point and would like some insight on the clinical sites - did you get to choose where to go? Can you use your current job as a preceptorship? I work in Corrections, so I am not sure how it would work if I did it here...I can't PM yet, but if you can can you send me one? Thanks