what do you think about pitting the baby out?

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recently had the opportunity to work with a new doc at a hospital as an agency nurse. i had an interesting conversation with him. He seems to think it is a good idea to use pitocin to augment contractions to get the baby out instead of having them push when possible, He also has a standing order to go up on the pit 4mu q15 minutes and stop at 50mu.

i was just curious to get your thoughts on this one.I will let you see my opinion later:).


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Since pitocin causes unnaturally strong contractions, wouldn't this put stress on the baby? And If the mother doesn't have an epidural, wouldn't she be in agony?


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OH GAG! I had pitocin with my first child and thought I was gonna die. The doc loaded me up with pain meds but it didn't matter. It was awful.

With the second I opted for completely natural, no episiotomy, no pitocin, no drugs. A wonderful experience. Most people don't believe me, but it was "productive" pain, like when you exercise. And I could walk around 20 minutes after giving birth, the baby was bright-eyed and alert.

I'm not an OB nurse and probably never will be (I'm in Psych) but from a personal perspective, I think he's nuts.


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Well, if I were on enough crack to actually carry out this order, I'd only do it if I had both an IUPC and FSE.


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my thoughts exactly shay, i just looked at him like he was crazy, as it was at the end of a hellacious shift and was in no moood to debate it.

yes natilie i would think it would be very painful from what i seen of pitocin already:)


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why do this when the body will do it for her? i am not clear on why this is advantageous really. weird.

and yes, painful. oh so painful..... pushing relieves the PAIN; trust me as a woman who gave birth. NOT TO PUSH when you contract past 8 or so is HELL> no way would I let a dr do this to ME or my patient. YIKES what do they learn in school??????????


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What woman would actually be able to give informed consent for that?! It is scary how many women are treated completely inappropriately because they trust their doc.


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you got that right fergus. I often wonder how and where they learned such a method. i could see no benifit to it myself


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Originally posted by fergus51

What woman would actually be able to give informed consent for that?! It is scary how many women are treated completely inappropriately because they trust their doc.

ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!! YES!!! Oh, man.....how many times have I wanted to grab the patient and say to her, 'you realize your doctor is both an idiot and a sadist, don't you???'

Mark, you've had some humdingers lately....whassup? New interns or something??


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no i started picking up a few shifts through local agency at different hospitals, have got to meet some real interesting people:):) my thoghts exactly shay when i heard his theory, real idiot and sadist.


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Was he not talking about laboring down? Or is it something more aggressive pit-wise than that?


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he believes in very aggressive pitting, and no pushing even if they get the urge.

i could see if they had epidural,no urge to push ,to just let the pit run and have ctx move baby down. but he seems to have other thoughts.

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