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i ordered some scrubs. I love how soft they are but the pants i ordered are flare with a slit on the ankle. Is this not proper? I am starting a new job next week and want to look professional! Should i return them?

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I have flare leg pants with a slit. As long as the slit's not all the way up your leg or something - and I've never seen one that is - you should be fine. :)

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The vast majority of the women (myself included) where I work wear flare legged pants. I like them b/c they fall over my shoes without bunching up and drawing attention to how short and stubby my legs are.


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That's what most of us wear, too. The Cherokee brand tends to be a bit baggy; you might end up a size smaller than you think you need. They look cute on, though :).


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I see flare legs w/slits all the time at work.

A style I haven't seen take off is the capri scrub pants. I seen them in the catalogs, but have yet to see anyone wear them. Wonder what kind of shoes/socks you'd wear with them anyway??

I love the flare leg with the slit. They cover a good portion of my shoes... this helps cause if pants don't I always feel like I look like I have big feet. It's not seen as unprofessional as long as they fit properly. Don't buy them if they are to baggy or to long for you.

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...A style I haven't seen take off is the capri scrub pants. I seen them in the catalogs, but have yet to see anyone wear them...

Saw these in a catalog the other day.

Seriously?? :smackingf Do they even consult nurses before they design these things??

Seems like their target demographic would be very limited.

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My hospital issues the uniforms with the option of flare legs. I chose the flares only because the straight leg ones are incredibly large fitting and don't have a cargo pocket. I think the flare legs look a little dumb but they are acceptable.

I wore bell bottoms back in the 1970s so I associate them with immaturity. But the flares fit the best for me.


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Once I discovered flare leg scrub pants, I will never wear anything else! I think they fit better and they look better with shoes.

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