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I do have a real questions regarding HIPAA.

I took part in the care of a patient who has had a pretty big impact on the cystic fibrosis community. He has recently passed away. He was very talented writer and editor and had an amazing story to tell which he has shared online and even wrote an article for a popluar woman's magazine.

He had so much to share with everyone. I would love to share some of his stuff with some people I know who have children with congential diseases, and one with CF.

Am I violating HIPAA if I do so? If they know the name of a patient I took care of?

It's a shame when I see an article written by him that I would love to share, that I am scared of violating laws. My friends are smart enough to figure out I took care of him. But perhaps if I just don't say the words.....

I just believe his legacy and his writing could benefit so many people if shared.

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Can't you just pass along the articles without mentioning anything about illness or hospital care? Just say that you came across articles that might be of interest to them?

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Suppose you took care of Stephen King. Would there be anything illegal about recommending a King book to a friend if you said nothing to the friend about your caring for the author? Absolutely not, perfectly acceptable.

If this pt. in question wrote public articles about CF, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving these articles to your friends. If you go into his hospital experience from when you were his caregiver--problem. Giving his public writings to a friend--no issues.

This will help clarify your position and abilities. You could contact the person's legal next of kin, as noted, for permission. If you get it, get it in writing.

Accessing Deceased Patient Recordsâ€"FAQ | Journal of AHIMA

I don't think anyone is talking about accessing a dead patient's records...if the articles and stories were PUBLISHED, yes, you can absolutely share them. You just can't tell anyone how you know the guy.

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