There were surprisngly a LOT more guys in this years class.

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I noticed that there were almost 15 guys in about a 100 person class that was accepted to my RN program this year. I'm assuming that more guys are doing nursing because of the economy because I was always told that most men don't do nursing and that the population would be a lot smaller.

Guess I was wrong.

My BSN cohort is about 1/8th male which equals three, lol. There are also enough males in the associate's degree programs that when I see a male student in the hallway it's usually a different one than the last time. I have no clue how large those classes are nor how many guys are in them. The two year and four year cohorts don't interact or take any of the same classes.

The stats I've heard are 15-20% is about average.

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Im the only one in about 20 girls. It sucks being the only one.

that guy,

I really hate it for you. That's actually right at the same percentage as the working world, 5%.

I'm one of two in my graduating class. I go to a private school that is about 70% female anyway though so it makes sense.

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Out of 23 of us in our class, there are 8 males including myself. Though for clinicals they split us up into two groups of 11 and 12. My group has 5 guys and 6 girls. So I don't personally see the huge gender difference some of you are seeing.

I was surprised at my class, too. We have 12 guys out of 60 students. During pre-req classes, the male population was probably 5%.

the 1 guy i had in my class was extremely attractive, he couldnt help it. all the girls were all over him....despite him being extremely smart/good at nursing, he became VERY distracted. i.e. about 30 girls all over him all the time.

I would just stress to all guys, to just stay focused. i know this wont apply to everyone, just thought i would throw it out there.

basically. distractions happen all the time. work, kids, homelife. but when there are 30 different distractions in your learning environment, i know this can be extremely difficult. so guys stay strong, just keep their contact number when you graduate!

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