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This Halloween we are allowed to dress up. The morale is very low lately and I thought it would be a nice boost if we all dress up in some sort of theme. Something funny or surgical-related would be fun. It must be tasteful and not scary--we have enough neuro agitation and unprovoked marriage proposals/sexual propositions as it is.

Any ideas?

I guess dressing up at Katy Perry or the Gaga is out of the picture.

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crayons in different colors (good with different solid scrub colors), get halos and go as angels, fairytale characters, or pick a decade (60's, 70's, etc.) Hope this helps!

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Love the crayon idea!!!

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The cast of M*A*S*H?

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My department dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters 2 yrs ago (I was Glenda, the good witch) We had wicked witch, several scarecrows, tin main, monkeys, Dorothy, etc. Last yr we were 50s characters. I was "Lucy" (several Lucys). we had Elvis, the Fonz, and several in poodle skirts with ponytails and bobbie socks, etc It was FUN both years! You can order the costumes very reasonably from Better hurry though!

At work this year, the theme is "Caremore Girls" (our office is Caremore Pain Management) and we're basing it on the Pink Girls from Grease. We're a semi-casual office, so we're doing black capri pants, black ballet flats, pink t-shirts that we had made that say "Caremore Girls" with a heart on the back, and scarves around our necks.

Vintage nurse (not the naughty kind).

Get a cap, dust off the old dress and go to work.

You will not be inappropriate in a tragic situation and you will still be properly dressed for work and not scare the patients.

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