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The Wait

How long did you guys have to wait before you were accepted into the nursing program? What "hoops" did you have to jump through to be considered. And, is there anything (that you know of) to get in sooner (grades ect)

My schoola supposed to have a 1 to 2 year waitlist but I was looking at the schedule and some (most) of them have empty spots. Maybe people dropped? Or maybe the waits not as long as advertised?

Im hoping to jump right in after finishing my pre-reqs but Im scared Itll be 2 years down the tube just waiting.

Anywhoo thanks in advance guys, my schools a community college if that means anything.

First, try to get closed to a good advisor in school. The tips will come from that person. Before I applied, my advisor was so sure already that I can get in. Because my advisor knows my track record, she was able to help me out what's the next thing to do.

Im my school, so long as you get all A's in the pre-req and at least above 80 in the entrance exam, you would have a good chance (So far as I have done so). But some of my classmates are not and yet they made it, too. If you would have some B's, you probably should have a better entrance test grade. I started my pre-req in the winter, finished them by spring and summer and come fall of the same year, I got in right away. Besides my pre-req, my other general subjects were all A's, too.

My classmates who were AB got in also and even did much better than me in the program. They did B's and I did C's. So getting all A's should not really be a guage, I believe background also matters (had no hospital background is an advantage) and most importantly is individual circumstances at the time. Nevertheless the requirement seems standard for pre-req and it does not matter how you will fare when your are in there already. When you're in the program it is sufficient that you can pass each semester.

sorry, I meant having hospital background is an advantage which I never had.

Beverage specializes in Cardiac/Telemetry.

Once I completed all the pre-reqs, it took 3 applications (18 months) to get in. My school uses the Lottery system

HeartsOpenWide specializes in Ante-Intra-Postpartum, Post Gyne.

I got on a waiting list at the JC (because they put your name in a hat) and it would have been a one year wait, but I got into the UC on the first try because I had a 3.7 for my pre-req score and a 3.6 over all. I also had medical experience, and had the physician I worked for and my office manager write me letters. When I went to talk to one of my teachers last semester because I was upset that I was getting a high B in the class she said a lot of people were getting Bs in the class and that all of the students in my class (2009) had straight As comming into the program, that nursing school was about getting B's and C's after having straight As. ( but I got an A- in pathopharm so I am not sure what she was talking about, she moved away thank god because she was going to teach the class and every one said SHE was the reason our school's NCLE ratings were low in the past, more like, people got Bs and Cs in nursing because she could not teach):madface:

I have 2 Cs, one in the prereq and one in Gen Ed. I applied Spring 07 and will start on Fall 07. When I got my C in Anatomy, I was so devastated . I kept thinking that I have to wait two to three years to get into the program. But I still attended a lot of nursing orientation. I researched the schools and check if they are receiving grants. I applied to two schools that are receiving grants. I got accepted to one of them. The last school I applied to I was number 505 on the waiting list. In total I applied to three schools.

My suggestion is to attend nursing orientations, do your research for the school, sometimes talking to nursing counsellors( if school have it) helps.

btw, Im in SoCal, community college.

It took about 5 months for the whole process, from when I started thinking about going and started all of the classes and tests until I got my letter. There isn't a waitlist at my school though.

i attend a local bay area nursing progam, and I am just finishing up level one. I waited 2 and 1/2 years to get in. I tried alot of different ways such as applying to lottery driven schools and I even got my CNA in Utah in the thought of moving there to attend westminster school. I discovered It would be to hard to move my family there. Having to wait was VERY hard for me, but I did it. Grades did not seem to matter as long as the right classes are taken. While waiting I completed all the prereqs for the BSN at SJSU so that I can go into the bridge program at SJSU at the end. I always checked the california state board site to check for new schools and search web sites.

In america we are used to instant gratification and waiting a long time is very difficult. Just make the most of it and it will pass sooner then you think

Good Luck

Cherish specializes in Junior Year of BSN.

I applied in September-October 06 and received my acceptance letter in February of this year. I did not have my pre-req's all finished and only really started taking pre-req's August 06. At the school I will be going to your pre-req's do not have to be finished before you start since your first semester is pre-req's.

My school also does not have a waitlist but you can only apply once. If you do not get accepted the very first time you can never apply again. I only applied to one school and got accepted my first time ever applying.

I guess it depends on the schools in your area, since the local CC's around here have a 2 yr waiting list I would have never applied to those schools.

I applied in September '06 and was accepted for Jan '07. My school doesn't have a waitlist, but has 400+ applicants for less than 45 spots. Each semester, all qualified applicants (pre-req's completed) are ranked according to points and the top points get accepted.

I didn't have to jump through any hoops, but I did almost miss the deadline on my transcripts from 1 of the 3 high schools I attended. Be sure to get them in EARLY!

Since each school's selection of applicants is unique, you should talk with an advisor at your school to find out what you can do to improve your application and chances of getting in. That's what I would recommend.

Good Luck!


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