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  1. romerog

    Fish oil pills

    cod liver oil helped me a lot with constipation. I take them as needed. I have started taking flaxseed oil and linseed oil, as I heard it reduces the cyst or lump. I have one hard lump on my right breast almost axillary. Hope it would work. I had a mammogram 2 years ago, my first time ever and they did not see anything. Now this thing develop and am afraid it might cost me my job. I was asked to get another mammogram. I would appreciate suggestions.
  2. romerog

    Please tell me your studying schedule.

    Would you pls. give me a hint. Take for example, cardiac. How do you do advanced reading/studies in cardiac. How to relate to delegation, patient education, and outcome attainment while caring for patient groups/nursing management. I really have a problem on how to map my study structure to be effective in the course of the program (e.g. How to start, where to begin, structure and how to sum them up). Quantity of time for study is one stint but quality study technique is another. Pls. help. Thanks for the above tips. They are very helpful.
  3. romerog

    The Wait

    sorry, I meant having hospital background is an advantage which I never had.
  4. romerog

    The Wait

    First, try to get closed to a good advisor in school. The tips will come from that person. Before I applied, my advisor was so sure already that I can get in. Because my advisor knows my track record, she was able to help me out what's the next thing to do. Im my school, so long as you get all A's in the pre-req and at least above 80 in the entrance exam, you would have a good chance (So far as I have done so). But some of my classmates are not and yet they made it, too. If you would have some B's, you probably should have a better entrance test grade. I started my pre-req in the winter, finished them by spring and summer and come fall of the same year, I got in right away. Besides my pre-req, my other general subjects were all A's, too. My classmates who were AB got in also and even did much better than me in the program. They did B's and I did C's. So getting all A's should not really be a guage, I believe background also matters (had no hospital background is an advantage) and most importantly is individual circumstances at the time. Nevertheless the requirement seems standard for pre-req and it does not matter how you will fare when your are in there already. When you're in the program it is sufficient that you can pass each semester.
  5. romerog

    For those that have failed a class

    In our school, we do have to wait for another year. If we fail in the 2nd semester, we had to wait for the next 2nd semester because the program was that structured. I had that same problem before and I opt to spend my time wisely by taking a job as a tech in a hospital and continue finishing the target of 3,000 NCLEX questions through my Saunder's comprehensive review books. I would also try to go back on all the topics covered the past semester and also master diagnostics (saunder's). I had that all planned out before. I can't let my interest fade just because of the long waiting time. I have done much already. I would not give up then. Prayers works wonders, too. It worked for me.
  6. romerog

    Calling All Nurse Managers/Clinical Directors

    hello to all nurse managers. i am sorry to sneak a post on which some of the nurses (neophytes, old timers and students like me) have been expressing concern. it's about the struggle to work efficiently in a team in our health setting. i believe we have heard enough complaints from the rank and files on certain rudeness of some co-workers which can sometimes be viciously contagious for some and would even cost fall out from the field for those who cannot take them. i for one am preparing myself for the world of "dog eat dogs? or eating the young" or something to that effect. if you care to attempt to resolve towards helping promote conducive teamwork environment, pls. see a thread at this thread is located at: [color=#003399]https://allnurses.com/forums/f50/why-lot-reports-rude-stressed-nurses-224575-new-post.html we do badly need your opinion, suggestion, recommendation on how we could help this problem. truly would appreciate
  7. romerog

    Why a lot of reports of rude and stressed nurses?

    Could we have any reaction or response from any member who happens to be connected to healthcare management? If victims of rudeness have courage to elevate these complaints, how does management react or settle? Or anyone think if I should post this question on a different forum that can be viewed by more from the management sector and refer to our thread here. In case they would prefer to reply in that new thread, I will post it's site. Anyone ever elevated such complaint can share the experience, pls.
  8. romerog

    For those that wanted Drug lists.

    Can you pls. send me a copy? I was wondering how to best memorize drugs. Thank you.
  9. As I see a lot in the threads of such experiences of what is supposed to be a promising noble profession which affect mostly newcomers in the actual field, I wish we can all try to rationalize and see how we can help minimize if not totally alleviate this sensitive problem in an already basically stressful environment. If you are one of them who seems to want to always eat the young, pls. use this thread to bent what's really your problem so the newbies could better understand and I am sure would only be willing to help you out (if you could only open your heart) if only to promote conducive work relations which we all do badly need. We do need each one to survive in our field. If you are a victim, pls. share your experience here. Compiling these experiences would give newbies a headstart or to brace themselves that what they also experienced in the clinical training setting is mere tip of the iceberg yet it will also help us to analyze, with the help of our advisors, in this website. I wish to seek advisors'/moderators' suggestions, recommendations or anyone who have made it through the horendous experience so that those of us in such predicament would not have to give up what we have worked for so much just because of these experiences as I have heard some did. I am still preparing for my 2nd year in the nursing school. Although, personally, maybe by mere coincidence that I keep getting nice nurses to work with (whether LPN or RN or even just aids), I do hear of my classmates' complains and our instructor would just tell them that it's part of our training to be able to learn how to work in a team which definitely have mixed personalities involved. Any group would have dynamic human interactions which would challenge whatever foundations we have equiped ourselves if we do intend to seriously pursue a dream. I wish this thread could help somehow. I believe another wrong can never correct a wrong applies to mean that we do not need to hit back the same way they hit us because we would only be doing the same thing and it would be a viscious cycle. No matter how corny it may seem, love do conquer all even the most adamant heart. For me it's the best way to make it in any difficult situation. Of course everyone is entitiled to respective opinion.
  10. romerog

    How to not fail nursing school

    Real hardwork like familiarization with the weeks topic within that same week with the use of the above tips and seal the goal with a prayer. Pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you. This is a lesson I have learned this past semester. After studying so hard for the finals, I prayed and posted big signs on all sides of my bedroom which said"God is watching and guiding. You can do it. Make it this test". I got my miracle despite seeming impossibility.
  11. romerog

    Nurse vs New Grad

    I believe in every field you will encounter difficult people. They want to throw stones at you because you bear much fruit. It's either they want you to be like them or partake of your fruit their style. It's sad but it's part of the challenges in our life and would take the kind of foundations you have in terms of emotional and psychological dev't to handle them well. Above all is our spiritual dev't because no matter how huge our obstacle is toward a dream, God will always be right behind you and bigger than any obstacle you will ever face. That's how I am able to survive some people. I lay all of those concerns before God at night and just do what I have to do conscientiously and I would be just fine. I kept promising myself that when my turn comes, I will not be like them. May God continue to bless your career as He always have.
  12. romerog

    I am shocked!!!!

    So how do we keep ourselves healthy through all the stress as students? How do we insert exercise and what form (is yoga the best?) when we had to try to keep up each overnight trying to finish preparing for the next day? I know some healthy alternatives like vitamins and commercial herbs preparations that can help like the Vit B complex(anyone heard of brewer's yeast), Vit C about 500 mg morning and night. Someone did mentioned Gingko Biloba, even the herb Eyebright. And what about this Peruvian tea drink which is said to be the mildest yet potent form of caffeine. They said It can wake you up through the night real good, just make sure you take it with a snack or antacid (precaution for the acidic). But I also knew in my pre-req students who can't even handle a live class test. Like they had to go to testing centers to take their own test separate from the regular class because they can't handle the tension. I could not believe how difficult it must be for some of us who are probably not equiped psychologically/spiritually even if they can really academically excel. So some probably use some negative alternatives to help them make it in their struggles even to the point of destroying themselves bit by bit just to have a place in the world (For show) that they can be somebody. Basically, each one of us is already somebody like by being in this profession or even just planning to be in it. A lot can be said about what we should or should not do and how to deal with our lives. The best teacher is genuine wisdom (we can learn from the experience of King Solomon) that which we need to seek from our maker who are in our hearts whether we sense Him or not. God has ways for us to get through. He is far more reliable than any chemical thing. He is far bigger than any obstacle in our whole lifetime. Only God can turn a life around. Just like studying every night and just like the meals we have each day, a prayer or constantly being in touch with him is essential for us to make it in this life. If He put us in this field, no matter how doubtful the situations are sometimes, we will make it. In a life with the Father, there will always be a reason for everything. I am struggling in the program. I tried to meet God half way by studying really hard. I take my vitamins and made sure I keep ample sleep to rest my head even if it means not being able to finish my studies for the night. I don't get great grades, I have not mastered my skills but guess what, during actual clinical, the love He poured in my heart taught me to be calm and be concerned more with the patient than my meager knowledge and everything just fell into place. Even if things are not running according to our own plans, His ways, be they beyond human understanding, will always turn out well and we will be just fine.
  13. Thank you, Manaig. I wonder if there is a careplan for a hospice patient or would it be for the family? Like a case of acute renal failure, probably DNR.
  14. romerog

    I know nothing!!

    I wonder how true that school is just there to facilitate your license but you really only know the skills when you eventually get on the job. It's on the job you can put everything together and say, "oh, that's what it's all about." After you survive a year of work, then you get used to it even without really liking it. In time, when you get to truly understand it, you will learn to love it so that the struggle is worth it after all.
  15. romerog

    Were you prepared

    if your prereq trained you the essential discipline of studying every night and advanced read for each chapter; if you know well planned spaced studying to master 6-9 chapters within 3-4 weeks at the most, you will be on top. I really don't know how it will be in your school but mine is so. Lucky are those who don't have domestic obligations like single and need not work, you would have all the time. In my class, some are really good. They sometimes do not study much and yet can get an A and wonder how they got it. Maybe because they have hospital work backgrounds. Nevertheless, prayers can work miracles for everyone. So I would rather say God bless than good luck.
  16. Could there be a website for independent nursing interventions. Pls. help. struggling here.