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The Scrubs Issue...


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I'm sorry to post another thread like this. Believe me, I've done my search through the forum, I just can't find the answer to my question.. I'm 5'9" 135 lbs. Very slender. My problem is finding scrubs that I don't feel like I'm swimming in. I've tried Cherokee and Landau in small... I can't seem to find any XS in my area so I'm left to ordering online, and I'm hesitant to trust these sizing charts. I want something that fits well. I've been looking at MOBB, IguanaMed, Dickies.. per the recommendations that I've seen, but I just haven't heard a testimonial from someone of a similar build, the things I've read are from guys that sound double my size. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone of my build?

I can't speak for pants, but the Koi tops fits well for me, and I wear an XS. The Kaitlyn, I believe, has a drawstring tie at the waist and I don't feel like I'm swimming in them. I also like their pants, but I wear a petite S. they do offer long length, I believe. That's if you're a female....I went back and couldn't see on your profile :)

5"11 180. I use jockies. amazing. also try greys anatomy, I don't have them personally but I hear good things.

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Try greys anatomy or any ones by narco! I'm 6'1" and they are long enough and fit nicely!

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Try aviator scrubs at aviatorscrubs.com, call & talk to them about sizing. I'm 5'10", 150lbs & wear mediums.

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I have the same problem buying scrubs online and finding that they don't fit. The styles of scrubs these days are so different and some are made for really husky guys which I am not. I don't buy scrubs anymore (I wear the hospital issue scrubs now) but when I did, what has worked for me is actually going to a uniform store and using the fitting room to try each item on. I had better luck with Life Uniform stores and their own label scrubs.


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Scrubs are crap. See if you can, find some cheap or quality (your choice as per pocket book) work-oriented polos in whatever color your unit needs if any. You'll look better and feel better.

I'm tall, lean, have long arms, and wide shoulders. To get a shirt to fit my shoulders it's often a tent at the waist. Good, fitted shirts can be found to adequately fit the shoulder width, arm length, and collar size, and then have the sides tapered, but nothing akin to scrubs really accomodates. Scrubs shirts sleeves end up being very high on my upper arms which I think looks stupid, plus it makes my arms cold. I do wear t-shirts under them. The waist/stomach area will also be insanely baggy. I hate scrub pants too, FWIW. They're thin, flimsy, and too baggy as well. I realize they're made to move around in, but I own all kinds of clothes that I can move around in that don't look and feel like crap. See my reply I just made in this thread: https://allnurses.com/men-in-nursing/problem-boring-scrubs-935278.html#post8015484

I actually toured a facility day I'm interviewing at. I'm hesitant to leave my desk job, but working five days a week is making life too hard in combination with my MSN/NP program. Anyway, I saw that they all had color coded scrubs, and it turned my stomach thinking I might be wearing that crap again.