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The Nursing Profession

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As a nursing student, I often find myself overwhelmed and discouraged by getting good grades and fierce competition, wondering if it's even worth it. I've always wanted to be a nurse - I care a lot for people and want to make a difference in the healing process. For those of you who are nurses, and have been for a little while, if you could go back and do it all over again, would you? Why or why not? What profession would you have chosen? Thank you!

loriangel14, RN

Specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

Oh I would absolutely do it again. I didn't start nursing school until I was 38. Best move I ever made.I can't imagine doing anything else.

BostonTerrierLover, BSN, RN

Specializes in Adult/Ped Emergency and Trauma. Has 16 years experience.

It was an amazing journey, I can't swear I would do it all over again, I don't know "What" else I could have done though. I am one of those that believe it IS a calling. Sometimes the payment for my career choice was MUCH more than I'd be willing to pay over again, and I regret some of the things I lost along the way (thousands of hours of sleep, lol for one). Although I don't blame it all on nursing, it looks like it may have cost my marriage. I take full responsibility for the choices I have made, but whether they were worth it or not is to be seen.

Some were built stronger than me, but obviously, It is a demanding field to choose. It can be a rewarding field.

I got married really young, 18, and although I do not have children (thank God!), a divorce is going to be horrible. I married young and stupid, and during school. We both worked 40 hours, and attended school. It's a no brainer looking back, all the time we missed together during school, the overtime after, and then finally working different shifts.

Most of the time you get off an Emergency Room Shift, your spiritually, emotionally, and physically exhausted. I wish now I could have dug her up some affection from somewhere, but I didn't. I didn't WANT to be MARRIED to my career.

I wish I would have said a lot more "No's" to them, and a lot more "yes's" to my wife. I deserve what's grew out. I let her become jaded, alone, and the man I am convinced me that everything was OK, when everything just "Looked" ok.

My advice, Balance your work life and home life carefully, I would do anything to undo the damage I caused always being spent when I made it home. I don't know if I would do it over, but I am Proud to be a Nurse. We care for everyone before ourselves, and that can jade you faster, and faster.

That said, there are tons of nurses that make it look easy, hold their families together, and grow everyday stronger. I wish you to be one of those, and not like me who invested EVERYTHING into progression, education, and the career. I ended up losing something I would die for, I would trade my license and NP for her back, and be a bagboy any day.

Figure it out for Yourself, Be good to your family, and yourself.


tewdles, RN

Specializes in PICU, NICU, L&D, Public Health, Hospice. Has 31 years experience.

I would do it again. I would do it a bit differently, but I would definitely do it again. I still love nursing after 34 years!

tewdles, RN

Specializes in PICU, NICU, L&D, Public Health, Hospice. Has 31 years experience.


What a tragic story you told, I am very sorry for you.

Remember that love is a verb.

Create boundaries so that your personal life doesn't get choked by the professional demands.

Good luck and vaya con dios.

BostonTerrierLover, BSN, RN

Specializes in Adult/Ped Emergency and Trauma. Has 16 years experience.

Not so tragic, everyone's still alive. I hope everyone ends up happy, and fulfilled. I am also one of those hopeless romantics that believes everything happens for a reason, and you only live once. I still got my two buds, one pictured, and I am still breathing. Thanks for the pat, I am putting one foot in front of the other, and embracing routine/AND ALLNURSES!!! to keep occupied. Worse could happen, I've been blessed! Better to have loved and have lost, than never loved I guess.

I believe their is someone out there that can make this all make sense. When I find her, maybe I'll have a much happier story on being a Nurse, lol. Life Happens.

There are alot of REAL people on Allnurses that know what I'm feeling, and this site is a God Send during this trial.

Advice: If you do pursue nursing, when you get in a slump-or you want to celebrate- come to Allnurses.com and help will be waiting in the form of a friend just around the next thread. It's a lot to undertake, joining and remaining in this profession. The support I have recieved on here, and that I have from faith, I know I will be fine. So, come on back when you have a sleepless night, or you need some advice. These seasoned Nurses have a wealth of information to give you, and God Bless them for giving of themselves, and their time to help out a scared, excited, or troubled soul on this path to or through one of the best professions in the world, and history.

GitanoRN, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in Trauma, ER, ICU, CCU, PACU, GI, Cardiology, OR. Has 52 years experience.

without any hesitation i would do it all over again, even after all the struggles that i went through. pursing this further, i like boston got married at the tender age of 17yrs old, as some of you are aware i began my nursing as a cna, then i climbed up the ladder lpn, rn bsn, msn and most of the time while i was in nursing school i continued working in order to take care of my growing family. having said that, my wife spend most of her time in & out of hospitals with several illnesses, then the news of becoming a mother for the 3rd time made her so incredibly happy. however, her happiness was shattered with serious complications at the time of giving birth my children and i lost her. unquestionably, she gave me a healthy and wonderful boy that is now 4yrs. old which carries her unforgettable smile. moreover, i treasure the time i was able to share with my wife all of the accomplishments in my beloved career. needless to say, life is unpredictable at times when we think you have it all figured out life throws you an unexpected curve ball, which forces you to grab the reins and take charge of the life you thought you knew so well. undoubtedly, nursing has giving me and my family the luxury to own our home, travel, offer my children great education, and most of all my own self satisfaction of knowing that when i go to bed at night, i can sincerely say i have no regrets. therefore, i wouldn't give it a second thought in doing it all over again, when it comes to nursing.

p.s. boston my heart goes out to you my friend, however, i have no doubt that you'll be able to surpass the obstacles that were place upon you, and come out triumphant when it's all said and done.

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Wow.... Gitano and Boston, very powerful stories. You've REALLY moved me, and inspired me too.

Thank you both.

Maybe I would. Not sure what else i would do. Do not want to scandalize this thread with what i would really like to do..................... where else can I get a socially acceptable full time job just working 3 twelves a week? There can be a lot of variety in nursing. For all the complaining I do on this board I have had some good shifts and know that there are worse less well paying jobs out there. I know that after 2 years in med surg I can find a similar job in most areas of the country, maybe even ICU, ER, OR, LD , prision nurse, psych nursing if I wanted to . Any one with a demanding career sacrifices things for it believe me. From drs, lawyers, accountants, nurses, retail workers, anyone who wants to be at the top of any field . any type of job can become your whole life before you know it. Just do what you feel is right for you. I like that in nursing for the most part, no one looks down on you, overall, for working only 36 hours a week. In many fields this is career suicide. I try to remember it is just a job if i reallllllly start to hate i can quit.