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The Nursing Home


I can't wait to get out of the nursing home this semester and move into the hospital setting!!!!!

I just amazes me that these poor elders are being treated in the manner they are. I've witnessed everything from immobile residents not being turned for entire shifts, incontinent residents being placed in geri chairs for entire shifts and never being changed, and just the other day a resident asked me for my help and when I went in her room the mattress was so soaked from urine that it was dripping from the bottom.....aghhhhh!!!

I've done the best I can to make these residents lives alittle more dignified since being there, but there is so much one person can do. It just seems like the patients with active family members get good treatment b/c the CNA'a are fearful of the consequences, but the other residents get neglected. It's so sad...I hate to say that I want out of there b/c I know something needs to change, but it just makes you so miserable seeing these people being neglected this way that you just want out..... and to think people pay $6,000+ a month for these conditions.

Thanks for letting me vent....

I know exactly what you mean. My family has never been in nursing homes until a few weeks ago. They ran out of options for my (step) grandmother, she was just too much to handle at home. She requires 24 hour care now. I went to visit her last weekend, a family member tries to get there for every meal, I had to wake her up between bites because she sleeps through mealtimes. It took 30 minutes to get her to eat half of her meal. A CNA doesn't have that much time to spend on feeding one patient.

It makes me very sad to think about it. She loves her nurses and aides, they are really sweet. But I do think you are right, the ones with active family members probably do get the best treatment.

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This is the very reason I went back and worked in nursing homes as an RN. They need better leadership and supervision.

Hi all,

I too would like to work in a nsg home and make a difference for those who cannot advocate for themselves...my dilema is should I work a med surg floor for a while to get experience and then change over to a nsg home???? I know the floor nurse isn't going to be my thing...help..... there are so many decisions to be made, I'll finish up in August...Thanks

I agree w/ Wannabe, I cant wait to get out of the nursing home. I love my resident that I take care of but it would be nice to deal w/ different types of people, different age groups. I hope that I never have to put my parents or inlaws into one of those homes it would break my heart.

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This was part of my personal crusade during my clincials....when I was a leader or a regular student...my 5-13 residents got all the care we could give....because, let's face it...there's just not enough staff, and they're overworked. I give the CNAs a break, because I've been there, and I can't do it...30 residents to 1 aide? yeah sounds good...feeders and everyone else....only so much you can do in a 8 hr shift.......

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