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The Nurse's New Clothes


Does anybody know of any good, cheap online sources for scrubs/uniforms? I'm transfering from a ceil blue unit to a purple unit and need new scrubs.

Who came up with this color-coded dept. thing anyway?!?

I got a lot of my scrubs from the Tafford catalogue. They have really good sales and sometimes you can get scrubs for as cheap as $10. Try JC Penny, too...they have cheap stuff on a regular basis. Did you also know that Wal-Mart has started selling scrubs?!? I haven't checked the prices, but hey...it's Wal-Mart! All three have online sites as well.

try jack marcus....

they've got solids in different brands so i'm sure there's a color that will match your new color code. (the price will please as well.)


wal-mart=super cheapo scrubs!

meijer= you can order on line

and allheart.com has good buy 2 for sales!

Walmart's scrubs are either $9.97 or $12.97 depending on the style. Their jackets are $15.87. I don't know if there is a Scrubs and Beyond store where you live, but they have the top and bottom for $14.99 together.

MiaLyse, APRN

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Do you know if Jack Marcus sells scrub pants in size tall for women? tia


MiaLyse, APRN

Specializes in Psychiatry. Has 18 years experience.

Thanks! Their Peaches brand cargo pants come in Tall sizes.


I work in OR and I get Laundau scrub jackets; they are very nice quality and reasonably priced. I'm sure they have cheap prices for scrubs too; I believe the website is http://www. a1scrubs.com and you get check out laundau products from there. They have just about every color available in all sizes.


Jasco online has MANY brands and lots to choose from..they are the least expensive I have found and I always get them within 7 days of order...

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