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  1. Has anyone ordered from a1scrubs before?

    Kristy.... I'm confused... was your problem with Jack L. Marcus or A1 Scrubs?.... I've heard very good things about Jack L. Marcus, and that seems like something I would be shocked to hear about their operation. (ordinarily, they ship everything in ...
  2. The Nurse's New Clothes

    Kelly.... I did some checkin around..... Tall pants are available (I've got sometime on my hands.)... White Swan Unisex Talls.... $8.99 (and lots of colors) Cherokee Talls (more expensive)......
  3. The Nurse's New Clothes

    try jack marcus.... they've got solids in different brands so i'm sure there's a color that will match your new color code. (the price will please as well.)
  4. cheap scrubs

    i would recommend jack l marcus . scrubs are less expensive, selection is large (navigate by brands, they carry lots) they also have some specials that range from $4 or so.
  5. Nursing Uniform

    sorry, it posted twice.
  6. Nursing Uniform

    best kept secret.... Jack L Marcus co. They have great service, and deliver very fast. (besides, i usually find that the prices are consistantly a couple dollars less than jasco, or rest of those folks.) i think the address is http://www.jacklmarcus...