The Needs and Expectations of the Mature/Experienced Nurse

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The Commission on Workplace Advocacy, a branch of the ANA, is seeking to obtain information regarding the needs and expectations of the mature/experienced nurse (ages 40 years and older) in all work environment settings.

The goal of the Commission is to obtain knowledge of actions that can be taken to retain the mature/experienced nurse in the work force and to find ways to aid the nurse in his/her transition from employment to retirement. This survey takes just a few minutes to complete:

Jenny P

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Thanks, -jt, I did fill this out and submitted it. I hope that they get many respondants from here; every reply will help them with this important study.


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If I go to work in near future jt (there is a chance I might). I will come back and fill this out. Other than that, I will have to wait for a survey asking questions about why nurses have left.

llg, PhD, RN

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I just did it. Thanks for making it so easy for us.



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I filled out the form hope it helps.


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Thanks for posting this, jt. Just filled it out. Hope it makes a difference.


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Just completed it-- Thanks for the link!


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Thanks for the link--I passed it on to my "mature" nursing friends as well.


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Thanks for the link. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I was glad to be able to participate.


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am a bit too young yet i found the survey applied to me anyhow...many questions are what i have already dealt with or tried to answer. will forward to my "mature friends"


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Well, since you have to choose a year 1940 and beyond, I guess I am too "mature" for this study!


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lol. Why not send them an email telling them why you left & maybe even suggest they run that survey too? Or maybe you could fill this one out based on the things that did make you leave.

The only question I didnt answer was #24 - the one that asks which non-monetary incentive would keep us at the bedside longer - expressions of appreciation from the employer, the opportunity to be on a committee, the ability to work on institutional projects during working hours, or a parking spot close to the front door. None of those choices would get me all fired up to postpone an early retirement. I sent an email to the listed contact person telling her the question misses the point about why nurses are leaving the bedside. A convenient parking spot is not going to save my back or license at the bedside and if I have too many pts to care for I dont have time to care about committees or extra projects. And the only non-monetary incentives that would get my attention would be a guarantee of safe, manageable staffing ratios, adequate support staff and equipment to help ease the physical labor on my aging body. My employer's recognition of the strain of my work and his subsequent committment to my well being - in effective actions, not expressions, would go a long way in enabling me to continue working at the bedside as I get even older.

Ill post her response as soon as I get it.

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