The LaCharity new edition...


Sorry if this has been posted before. My search is jacked up for some reason...but is the new LaCharity much different from the old? I'm looking to buy it on amazon and it says that a new edition came out..


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Haven't seen the new edition, but if you are looking to buy the book, I would certainly go with the new one. Someone posted before about the differences, but I don't remember what they said. You might find a better description between the two editions on one of the various bookstore websites.


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I just bought the new edition and am disappointed. As soon as I got to the first question, I recognized it. Basiclly it has all the same questions as the first but a few more added to each chapter. I think there is a new section on OB and seems if there may be more case studies. But if your on a budget I would just stick to the first one since it has the majority of the same info!!


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I bought the old one last year and until now i didn't open it...