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Thanks for simply being here for us!!!! I PASSED


I printed my result at 0358 California time!!!

Waited a total of 3 working/business days to see my result (excluding friday-sunday). I took my exam on the 19th of February @ 0730 and was done by 10:15 with 75 questions.

The first 2 questions were easy...but the 3rd one was out of this world and so were the rest. I had lots and lots of prioritization. At least 11 medications (I made a tally and wrote it on the board). At least 4 SATAs. Just a lot of patient teaching and nursing knowledge skills, no math.

The exam for me was so difficult. I was able to narrow it down to 2 best answers... But chosing the "bestest" answer was tough. I left the examination room feeling so down and just "depressed". I secluded myself from the outside world. I didn't wanna talk to anybody but to my family. And the following day, I started reading my Saunders to study again. I didn't feel bad studying because for me, I'm gaining more knowledge and... I wasn't doing anything anyways and that'll just keep myself busy. That's what I did.

I didn't use the Kaplan's decision tree. But I just read the question and the answer and picked the one thing that I think would complete the sentence or something that really pertained to the stem of the question. In other words, I picked an answer that made sense... an answer that will assist the patient.

Qtrainers scores with Kaplans are as follows:

1 53.33%

2 58.67%

3 61%

4 58.67%

5 62.67%

6 64.15%

One more important note... I was going to change my exam date... good thing I didn't. I've read the kaplan book at least 4 times... even the day before my exam I was reading it!!! PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY MORE READINGS THE DAY BEFORE YOUR EXAM...I got so overwhelmed, can you imagine I even forgot the Signs and Symptoms of dehydration.

I went to church 2 times (saturday and sunday) prior to taking the exam and prayed and prayed......

How did I Prepare for the exam:

1. I graduated in Dec. 17. I didn't start studying until January 5..my first day with Kaplan. I got 62% on my diagnostic exam with Kaplan. I watched all the videos, read Kaplan Book 4 times and answered all Qbank questions and all Qtrainers. I was using Saunders' CD to answer questions. But I preferred.... Onto the next book

2. Incredibly Nursing Made Easy Questions and Answers with rationales. (I didn't not simply answer it. I studied it fervently). For me, the rationales on this book was more straight forward.

3. I would say I was at least answering 300-400 questions throughout the day on top of reading the Kaplan book.

4. So from January 5 until February 18. I was studying "religiously". I didn't have time for my family nor had time to indulge myself with anything.

I was up by 0700 having breakfast and by 08:00 I was answering Qbanks questions (kaplan) and when I'm done with the 50 questions, I would start reading the Kaplan book, for 2 hours, then started using Incredibly made easy for 2 hours, then Saunders for 2 hours, then read kaplan book again for 2 hours. (minus lunch and dinner and to complete my adls..you guys do the math. And by 20:30 I am in bed BUT with my laptop and answering Saunders CD again till about 22:30. That was pretty much how my life was and that's how I budgeted my time.

Luckily, I have a very supportive wife...and soooooo soooo thankful that she supported me and my 2 year-old son!

Thanks again for all your support!

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well i took my exam 2/17 CA.. didn't sleep.. hoping to see my name today.. since it's been what.. 9 days since i took my exam.. well SAD to say my name's not posted.. my brother's already assuming that i failed yet again.. i feel the same way too..

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Silverdragon...thanks for being a moderator here as well as to Suzanne... and to the rest!

Congrats....i can only imagine how happy u r....r really did work hard....way to go...congrats again....its so good to read success stories...makes you feel like you can do it tooo....

congtrates a lot. i am going to follow ur schedule as much as i can and i need more encouragement from all of u guys.


You can do it. I never thought I would make it. I just said to myself... I made it through the whole 2 year program of schooling... so what's several weeks of just studying hard. Plus, my motto in school was... do it right the first time!

Thanks you guys!!!


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wow congrats!

it's a great news!

way to go new RN!

Congrats! waiting for the results too,took NCLEX here in CA so have to wait 3-10 days for the results....hoping for the best!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yayyy! That's one greuling schedule you had there. I "studied" about 8 hours a day, but I wonder how much of it was really studying because I constantly found myself on the internet when I was supposed to be doing a test! Lol. But, your discipline is commendable.

well i took my exam 2/17 CA.. didn't sleep.. hoping to see my name today.. since it's been what.. 9 days since i took my exam.. well SAD to say my name's not posted.. my brother's already assuming that i failed yet again.. i feel the same way too..

Have you checked Pearson or the BON of your state for license Verfication?

Wow... I'll try to follow your schedule...:up::up:

Thanks and congratulations!

congratulations on ur sucess


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WELL DONE YOU...:nurse::nurse:


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CONGRATULATIONS. Thanks for sharing your experience. You sure deserved to pass considering how much energy you put towards it. But how many questions did you answer? I also had a lot of prioritizing and application questions, and my test shut down @ 80 questions, I felt I was on top of the game but because I don't see my name on the list I almost sure I didn't pass. I either did very bad or very good. How bad do you have to be in order to fail at 80 questions? Do you think someone who fails at that mark would get any "passing type questions" at all?

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