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Thanks for the help! I passed!

Hi everyone.. My story is similar to most on here, but I wanted to share and express my thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum because it's such a great tool.

The tools I used were:

1. Hurst review book (got for free from my sister)

2. Kaplan qbank ($300) I finished all questions and sample tests with an overall 59% READ ALL RATIONALES!!!

3. The 35 page guide that's on here.. Really helps with infection control

4. ATI predictor exam

i studied about 4-6 weeks for the test and 2 days before Nclex I took the ATI predictor exam and it told me I had a 98% chance of passing so I quit studying after that lol.. I agree not to study the day before your test.

as for the test itself.. To be honest It asks some stuff I'm not entirely familiar with but since I had read on here that it doesn't matter what the disease is it's all about what's safe for the patient. I got a lot of SATA, some put things In order, and some meds, no math, no EKG. Be familiar with ethical/legal concepts I'm glad I took that elective lol. All in all I wasn't sure about most of my answers but I figured since they kept giving me SATA I was doing well. I ended up doing 75 questions in 1.5 hours and was anxious the whole time. After it was over I got the good pop up and today I saw RN after my name on my states BON website. So in the end I think if you prepare and again review rationales weekly you will have a pretty good chance! Anyway thanks everyone for all your great tips and help. And good luck to all who are still waiting to Test!


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Congrats !!!! can u please share ur kaplan scores if you feel comfortable? How was the SATA on nclex ?

On the qbank I would do 75 questions at a time.. My scores averaged in the 50s for each quiz.. Sometimes I would get 60-64 other times 52, 59.. Etc. the important thing is that I would read my rationales to determine why I got something wrong/right.

The SATA..it was all over the place man...but it def wasn't as hard as kaplan.. I will say that. For example

the question reads blah blah blah blah

1. A

2. b

3. C

4. D

I might be sure A n C were correct, B was wrong, but wasn't sure about D.. So that's what was hard about SATA.. The answer your not sure about... Sometimes I knew the whole answer..

to be honest I don't think any type of SATA training would have helped me.. It's kind of just critical thinking with some luck thrown in.


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Congratulations, not sure how much of a predictor all those Q-tests and other test scores are because I was only averaging 60-70% on all the ones I did from Hurst...I just passed also with 75 questions on July 31st, what a relieve to have that over with! Just going over and over the Hurst review was what worked for me, I didn't do many questions because from what Hurst recommends even if you did 1000's of questions how are you going to remember all that and the chances of getting the same question on your test...pretty slim.

Anyways, congratulations and good luck in your new career! :)

Congratulations RN! Thanks for the tips!


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Congrats RN :)


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