Thanks to allnurses i passed :) !

Nursing Students NCLEX


I had been reading this forum, since I scheduled my nclex LPN boards. And I'd like to say Thank You to all the fellow nurses who have given their experience, feedback, advice, and pointers.

I believe it made my testing experience a good one. I found out today after getting my quick results that I passed! Thank God! I'm so glad it's over and am soo ready to find a job! Thanks again :) P.S. pearsonvue trick really does work!!

Congrats! :) so how was your study log?

congratulations! :w00t:

Thank you :) now to find a job !! I honestly just used my saunders, 4th edition, with the cd; studied for a week, the last day i took everyones advice and DID NOT study. that morning went over my labs, ONCE, and that was that. I was the first one to be done, after an hour and about 93 questions. Got to the car & did the pearson vue trick on my phone, and got the good pop up ! two days later got my quick results, yay! :) thanks again !

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