Thank you to my CNA :-)

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I'm a first semester Alternate Entry MSN student... today was my first day taking care of patients (EVER) and our first rotation is in a nursing home. Needless to say, I was nervous, excited and scared... but mostly nervous and scared :-)

We each got paired up with a CNA, who basically run the place we were working at. She was BEYOND patient with me and let me perform things both with her and independantly. She was kind to all her patients, was a wealth of knowledge for me and made me EXCITED to be joining her profession. She knew her patients, was patient and kind with them... but also efficient like nothing I have ever seen. I spent the day running around after her in awe :-)

So, there are 2 things I learned today.

1) CNA's work HARD... I had a lot of respect for them before... but after today, I bow down to you all :yeah:

2) Nursing - It's hard and exhausting... but its rewarding... I never knew changing, bathing, feeding patients could be so rewarding... but I left walking on a cloud today... and more excited than i thought possible. Don't get me wrong... I'm still scared and nervous, but excited is ranking up there now more.

So thank you CNA for teaching me today and being so understanding.

Thank you to each of my patients for understanding that I was knew and working with my "new-ness" instead of against it and for teaching me how to help you.

I realize it may not always be like this, but for a first day, it was everything I could ask for.

That is all :-)

leslie :-D

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well, lucky you!

and yes, i totally agree w/you about the work that cna's do.

when you do become a nurse, remember to always show your gratitude towards all who worked hard, and, as a team member.

we're all in this together.

best of everything to you.



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Have you thought of writing her a little thank you card? It would probably make her day if you took the time to jot down a little thank you! :)

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She sounds like a gem!! :nmbrn:


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Thank you for seeing the hard work that the CNAs do and acknowledging it!!! It sounds like you had one of the best for your first day and she sounds like someone everyone would love to have on their team. I agree with the one poster about the thank you card. It would make her day to know that someone actually valued her work and looked at her the way you do. Thank you again!!!

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Not only do I agree with giving her a thank you card, or even a small token of affection, but, please consider writing a letter to her DON and cc it to her supervisors. For one, it is true, that CNAs are not always acknowledged for the hard work that they do, and also, this may make her stand out for promotions, upgrades, maybe even sponsor her education at some point if she wishes to become a nurse.


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Thanks for your advice. I think on my last day I'll give her a note. We'll be there for a few more weeks and when it's up, I'll give her one.

Its really unfortunate that some nursing students aren't really nice to the CNA's... it makes me really angry and I don't really understand it. They are more knowledgeable than we are.

So thanks to all you CNA's out there :-)

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