Who all applied at Cy Fair of Kingwood for Spring '07

  1. Who all applied at Cy Fair of Kingwood for Spring '07 ? The deadline to submit applications was last Friday (9/15).
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  3. by   soso
    I was to apply at Kingwood, but for some reason, my transcripts weren't evaluated until Thursday after 2pm. That would be fine IF I didn't live in California. How am I to possibly sign the application and give it to the department by 9/15 and I was having trouble accessing their application. I had to go to Cy-Fair's webpage. I finally managed to access the application but my score card was all wrong. Well, I got a call from the nursing office over at Cy-Fair who saw that I was having trouble applying. They said they are extending it for me and I should be able to access the application on Monday. Hopefully I'll be able to get my scorecard straightened out and be able to maybe next day air my application; if not then, I'll be applying for the Fall evening program at Kingwood and HCC. Good Luck to you All!!
  4. by   Veronica82
    Did you guys complete all your prereq classes before your applied? I want to apply for the fall but I won't have at least 2 by the time I apply. Also, is the HESI test easy?
  5. by   soso
    Yes, I've taken all the prerequiste classes and all of the support classes except Micro (I have a BA already). The HESI to me is easy...I got a 96 (math) and a 93.62 (reading). A little disappointed on my reading score....but I only missed 3. Areas covered were reading comprehension, meaning-word use, conclusions, implications and understanding. I'm sure you'll do fine. As far as math you may want to brush up on measurement conversions...those got me!! There's only like 4 of those questions.
  6. by   Cutienurse2be
    Hi guys.. I applied as well.. I had 26 hours, basically I still need Micro and the fine art and PE.. so, I only got 3 points. I did pretty well on the HESI=90-reading and 92 math.. I dont think I have too much of a shot this time, but applied anyway.. How many points did you guys end up with if you dont mind me asking..
  7. by   soso
    I didn't get to apply because my score card was wrong...they were only giving me 4.74 pts!!! All my courses were complete except for Micro. They only calculated my english for the prereq and for the support only 6 units....all which is wrong. I completed both A&P I, II with A's and my psych class. My psych, socio and p.e classes were done at a quarter school and not semester so they didn't evaluate them. I'll be in Houston next month so I'll have to meet with either the transcript evaluators or the nursing department. If I'm correct, I should've scored an 11.74. Good luck to you Cutienurse2be!!
  8. by   texancanadian
    I applied. Have completed all classes including Pharmacology. Total points 11.5/12.

    Between the two I would prefer to get into Cy Fair. Both schools are equidistant from me but Cy Fair has morning/day classes whereas Kingwood has nights and weekend classes.
    However the folks at Kingwood seem friendlier.
  9. by   sbyramRN
    I applied and FINALLY got in. My score was an 11.448. Good Luck!
  10. by   texancanadian
    Congrats Stacy,

    Yes I got in too. Now trying to get the background check done ASAP. Am planning to go in personally to hand over my acceptance letter. How about you ?
  11. by   sbyramRN
    That might be a good idea seeing as how the mail seems to be pretty slow inside the Houston area. I guess I will do that today. I also submitted my info for the background check yesterday. I am kind of nervous about that one because I wrote a bad check once when I was 19, and ended up getting arrested for it. I paid off the check and fines, took a check writing class, and I THINK it was then dismissed (not a conviction). I am not real sure what they are looking for, though....... I guess I will find out.