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  1. Veronica82

    Who all applied at Cy Fair of Kingwood for Spring '07

    Did you guys complete all your prereq classes before your applied? I want to apply for the fall but I won't have at least 2 by the time I apply. Also, is the HESI test easy?
  2. Veronica82

    Nurse Salary

    You should get your BSN. There are nursing positions such as nurse manager which require you to have a BSN and you will be getting paid more than a nursing staff position, so it will pay off. Plus all the jobs I read at hospitals prefer that you have a BSN. Once you are done with your prereqs you should apply to both the ADN and BSN programs in your area just because they are so competitive and there's a possibility you won't get chosen for the BSN but you will for the ADN or vice versa. Just apply to many schools as you can. I've read on this board how someone hasn't been accepted at a university for a couple of years now and I think there are waiting lists for ADN programs.
  3. Veronica82

    Did not pass the NET

    Do you mean Cy-Fair College in Texas?
  4. Veronica82

    Who attends Cy-Fair College?

    Thank you so much for your advice. The thing is that I will be done with my pre-reqs in December and I don't want to wait another year so I can apply for nursing program at Tomball and North Harris since their program only starts in the fall and at Cy-Fair you can apply for the Fall and Spring. Can you tell me more about the practicums and the math tests you have to pass?
  5. Veronica82

    Who attends Cy-Fair College?

    Since I live a street away from Cy-Fair College it would be my first choice. I just want to know the passing rate for their program. I read about the other colleges but not this one. My second choice would be Tomball College then North Harris College. I'll talk to a counselor like I said next week and they'll probably answer all the questions I have. Thank you.
  6. I'm already thinking of the hospitals I want to work for. My first choice would be Texas Children's, then Methodist either in Willowbrook, Medical Center or Sugar Land, then St. Luke's Epsicopal-Medical center, then Memorial Hermann either the one in Katy, off of Gessner, or Children's, then Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center, and lastly Spring Branch Medical Center. For those who work for these hospitals can you tell me which one you work for, do you like working there, and how much do you make? I'm thinking of either working for Spring Medical or Cypress Fairbanks when I graduate because I know they offer free study guides so you can pass the board exam then after working there for a year I can work for my first three choices.
  7. Veronica82

    Who attends Cy-Fair College?

    I'm thinking of getting my ADN there. Its a relatively new program and different from the other NHMCCD programs. For those who are in this program or have graduated, does this program cover everything you need to know to pass the board exam? Just like the other programs do you have to pass the HESI in order to graduate? I'm going to the campus next week and talk to a counselor but I wanted to get your perspective on this program. I want to go to an information session but I don't know when the next one is since I can't find anything on the website.
  8. Veronica82

    I'm considering being a nurse- some concerns..

    I am too considering becoming a nurse. I didn't want to start another thread. I have a couple semesters left and I'll be a college graduate. I didn't consider a career in nursing until recently. I plan to volunteer at a hospital soon to see if I like it before I consider getting a nursing degree. Yet I have a few concerns. 1. I read about the risk of exposure to diseases. What will be my percentage of catching something from a patient? 2. I'm concerned about accidental needle pricks. What will be the percentage I will get prick and get HIV/AIDS or Hep C? 3. Anyone work in rehabilitation or sports medicine? I'm thinking that's where I want to work.