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  1. soso

    Does anyone work for Texas Children's Hospital (Houston)...?

    Congrats on your position! I'm from California also (SF Bay Area). If you're use to Cali traffic then Houston should not be that bad. I live in Katy (near 99 and Westpark Tollway) and honestly taking Westpark is a joke sometimes. It may be faster taking the feeder roads and its free!!
  2. soso

    CCM exam

    Took the exam today and got a preliminary PASS!! I bought the book, CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management by Powell, Suzanne and honestly didn't use it. The outline format was not easy to follow. I did purchase the two CCM Exam Secrets Practice Tests and did them 2 days prior to testing. Brush up on Rehabilitation and Workers Comp. Only 1 question on the Affordable Care Act; something easy though.
  3. soso

    ANY Case Managers at United Health?

    I'm in Texas and its not that bad. I'm in the field so I'm not clocking in when I sign in. It is a lot of paperwork and most times feels like your not really doing "real" case management because a lot of it is assessing people to see if they qualify for help with their ADLs/IADLs and over half of them are lying about what they can do. Stressful at times as they are always changing procedures and expect you to keep up.
  4. soso

    DNP APHN Program - Really worth it?

    Thanks for your response. I think I'm going to have to relocate from Texas as there are next to no opportunities for PHN. Looks like I may have to go back home (California) or to the East Coast.
  5. soso

    DNP APHN Program - Really worth it?

    Was looking to apply to the same program. Hopefully someone will answer!
  6. soso

    Applying for CA license via livescan

    I'm originally fom CA but now live in TX. I did the Live Scan when I was on a trip in CA and the BRN sent me a letter stating that I had to do the fingerprint card. Wasted $75!! Hope this helps.
  7. I graduated from Kingwood College in Dec 09. It was a night/weekend program. I attended classes MW evenings and clinical on Saturdays. I do believe this is still an available option. I worked full time during the day and commuted an hour to classes but managed to do fine. Not to say that this wasn't hard; the amount of reading was totally RIDICULOUS!!! Anyway, good luck to you!
  8. Wow, 2 chem classes for an ADN program?? Do you have to take Microbiology and Nutrition? You probably could just do BSN, sounds like the same requirements! Anywho, it depends on how strong you are with your sciences and your lifestyle. For me, I was working FT and living on my own so it would've been too much. Plus, my old brain would only allow one concept at a time :)! Surprisingly, I ended up with A's in A&P, and B's in Chem/Micro. I'd just say pace yourself. You don't want to end up having to retake the classes over and pushing back your goal.
  9. Hi....just wanted to share my experience. I also have a BA in Sociology, concentration in social services. I was working for about 5.5 yrs at the welfare dept in California and I decided that I wanted to become a Public Health nurse , specifically! So, I applied to an ADN program in Texas (due to long waitlisting in Cali). Graduated in Dec 2009 took my NCLEX in May 2010 (was working fulltime @ the welfare office the whole while in school) and received my license. Bad timing for me! It was soo hard finding a job. The new grad programs were soo few and competitive to get into unless you knew somebody who knew somebody and the "good" hospitals only wanted BS Nurses. Plussss, everyone was crying about having 6mo-1yr med-surg experience (duh, new grad here)!! Some states are more social service friendlier than others (Texas not being one of them) and the only jobs were at the health department, which is where I wanted to be, but budget cuts meant hiring freezes; definitely couldn't go back to California. Eventually, got hired working with psych/developmentally disabled individuals for a year. Meantime, did a two semester BSN program and graduated this past May. Recently got hired as a case manager at a health insurance company; coordinating care (patient education, health promotion, authorizing benefits for unmet needs like hrs for home health, medical equipment, community resources, etc.) for our Medicare/Medicaid members (funny because I used to be a Medicaid worker previously!!). Sooo, it's a mix of "public health" nursing (just no more clinical work) and social services. My BSN wasn't required but I'm glad I did it. I'm planning on doing the MPH program. Thought about the MSW but it seems a little too limiting to me in the sense that it really doesn't involve the "health" aspect (health promotion, education, planning, implementing, or evaluating community/health programs). My advice to anyone going the nursing route would be to do the BSN program. There has been a lot of talk of making this the minimal requirement now. Since you have your BA, you could do either an accelerated BSN program (1yr..caution, do not work at all!!) or the traditional 2 yr program. Question is do you want to actually practice nursing (clinically) or do more health eduation/promotion? You could go directly into a MPH program, get a feel for it then decide if nursing is still calling you. Check out the various CEPH accredited MPH programs in your state (ceph.org). Don't let the sciences/chemistry scare you, like studying for the GRE annoys me :grn: !! Best wishes!!
  10. soso

    Got the Job!!! (Health Dept.)

    Man, am I jealous!! I'm currently doing psych/dev. disabled nursing. I just graduated with my BSN this month (RN-BSN program and I have a BA in Sociology) just so that I could do public health nursing. This is why I became a nurse. Never wanted to do hospital nursing. May I ask, what states are you all in? I moved from CA to TX just to get into a nursing program and am now having the hardest time finding any public health programs (TX in not very social service friendly at all!). With all the county budget cuts, it just seems almost impossible to find anything so in the meanwhile, I'm going to get my MPH.
  11. soso

    It's Official!!

    Congrats to us Chiefswife!!! We're classmates. I'm also a RN-BSN graduating Red Raider!! Can't wait for next week..woohoo!!
  12. soso

    Student with Lice - what to do?

    Prior to becoming a nurse I worked as a medicaid worker. CPS is not the right agency to handle this situation. CPS falls under the Dept of Family Protective Services and is an agency that investigates the abuse and neglect of children. The Dept of Health and Social Services is the agency that provides resources such as food, medical and cash assistance. They also will have listings of community agencies that may be able to help this mother. IF AFTER you have given the mother this information and the child continues to have problems (other than just lice, does she look malnourished, unkempt, does she smell) then a CPS call may be warranted. I doubt the mother is being neglectful. She has tried (she herself has lice too?) and obviously just doesn't have the means.
  13. Hey jessgonz You wouldn't happen to be in TX would you? Saw you worked for DADS. To answer your question, I think it depends on what you want to do. From my understanding, the MPH is more broad (has more concentrations like epi, biostats, community health, policy, global health, etc.) but I've seen all three mentioned in federal job decriptions for things like Public Health Advisor/Analyst for the CDC.
  14. soso

    State of Texas Public Health Nurse Credential

    Hi Shaikandbaik, I'm from California also, now living in the Houston area and am also interested in public health nursing. To answer your question, no. Texas doesn't require nor have the PHN certification. In fact, Texas does not recognize the ANA Advance Public Health Nursing credential. If public health is your passion, Texas may not be the state for you. PHN positions are very very few and far between (Texas is not very social service friendly). I moved here from Cali 3 years ago to attend nursing school (was easy to get into). I only desire to be a PHN but there are just no jobs available in this field. So, currently I am working for the state as a nurse for the mentally disabled. Ideally, I'd like to work for the Dept of Health or the county health department but no luck. I am really considering relocating to the East Coast. Thought about moving back to the Bay Area but decided against it. Wish you the best of luck!!
  15. soso

    ADN as PHN?

    Calliotter3, I believe the schools are CSU Dominguez Hills and Northridge. I'm currently in Houston but am from California. Do you know how to go about getting just the certificate if you have a BSN from another state?
  16. soso

    Highland Hospital

    Hi Studentnurseee, I am a new RN and I work to a state hospital in Texas where the population is developmentally disabled and mentall ill. Because no one really wants to work with this population and the high turn over rate of nurses, I am paid far more here than my classmates who are at the hospitals. I was born at Highland Hosp in Oakland, and given the area, I'm guessing they have the same problem. That I believe is the con of it. The pro is the high pay but you best believe you'll earn every dime of it. You'll also get a wealth of experience in just about every area. Oh how I miss the Bay!! Good luck to you!!