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Okay so im applying to uthscsa for the spring and was wondering if anyone knows what gpa they look at and any other helpful ideas to get an interview etc. my prereq gpa is 3.74 but my overall gpa is... Read More

  1. by   calinative84
    Hey Leslie... That is why I was asking Cyclical how his partner knew cause i got that same letter that you did but mine is for a diffrent day. Maybe we will be in clinicals together.
  2. by   CyclicalEvents
    I didn't ask how she found out, but I heard that the VA requires an extra background check so they assign people to the VA asap.

    I now have a hold on my account over my vaccinations. The woman I spoke to said that they still had a ton of records to go through and to give it a week for them to sort it out.
  3. by   calinative84
    I got a backround check notice so i guess i am in the same boat They had a hold on my account for a week after i dropped it off and they said the same thing that it would take a alittle time to sort through how many they had.
  4. by   TheguyRN
    Yay VA....... and you're correct about the extra background check because its military/government hospital...

    The hold's should be ok, there should be no rush to register since they open enough spots for everyone they accepted. You don't get to start choosing where you want to go until 2nd semester unless they start changing it haha...

    Congrats to everyone who made it!
  5. by   calinative84
    AznPlayr99... If I am not mistaken we are suppossed to get extra scrub sets for out lab days right? I know we have the rust and black uniforms for clinicals. Do they give us some info on supplies..aka shoes scrubs and stuff before orientation.
  6. by   TheguyRN
    Hmmm, If nothing has changed first semester has skills lab Monday and Friday. You can wear any kind of scrubs to lab... The only time you have to wear the orange top and black bottoms (i suggest buying bottoms that aren't the one school sells... I hate theirs) are for Clinical days... which is one day a week first semester.

    And yes scrubs and shoes and stuff like that is usually told to you during orientation which is wayy boring.. If im still a peer advisor then hopefully we can plan something remotely fun for you girls/guys..

    Shoes are basically black shoes

    Things you will probably need to buy other than the uniform and black shoes
    Watch (doesn't really matter any kind)
    Penlight (those are like 2 bucks)

    Other than that.... you'd be pretty set for clinicals..
  7. by   calinative84
    Thanks for all the info AznPlayR99!
  8. by   FutureRN76
    This is cool, I look forward to reading these new updates everyday since we are getting closer and closer to it. I still have my immunization hold too CE. I also still have my background hold so I called and they said that they were working on it still but it should be cleared soon. So I haven't gotten any VA notification, which would be cool because I have a strong military background and am familiar with the VA. We'll see... coffee meeting is coming up soon also.
  9. by   AFmedx13
    wow, i just now got my acceptance letter and other paperwork today the 17th! I feel a little behind, but i am working on getting it all completed! Woo Hoo!!!

    This is so exciting!
  10. by   bond2b
    I do not have immunization hold, but the background check still there.

    For anyone who are receiving Financial aid from your college or university, like me, you have to cancel your financial aid from your previous university first, then you can apply for UTHSC financial aid. It's take two weeks to process the cancellation. Next, there is a form(mid transfer financial aid) that you need to print and fill it up, and get it signed from your previous university. Then, fax it back to UTHSCSA financial aid office.
  11. by   calinative84
    I have heard that they were running a little behind which might account for the extra holds. I didn't get my hold removed until a full week after my prints were done.
  12. by   calinative84
    Just registered for classes!!!! We should plan our coffee after the new student welcome gathering on the 2nd. Is anyone else planning on attending it? Happy Registering!
  13. by   calinative84
    Okay i am posting my thrid post now in a row now....but I thought it would be fun to share this thought. I am a huge planner and have been visiting book stores a lot on the hunt for some helpful study guides or books for prep that I coud read over the holiday break. I found a small easy read called How to Survive Clinicals which is short thoughts or advice from other students (only 12.50 at borderd it is a fun read). I then relized that since I am on allnurses.com I would do the same thing. So I started a thread called Before I stared nursing school I wish I knew...? Tones of people have been reading it but only a few have responded. It is very intresting to see the things they post as I was looking more for "I wish i had reviewed my anatomy" or something like practical applications but people are posting their more personal feelings of nursing school. Just thought you guys might be intrested to see what people are writing. Hope to see you on the second. Happy Registering!