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Okay so im applying to uthscsa for the spring and was wondering if anyone knows what gpa they look at and any other helpful ideas to get an interview etc. my prereq gpa is 3.74 but my overall gpa is... Read More

  1. by   calinative84
    cwdoll.... Have you read any forums of people that are going there or have gone to those schools? Maybe you could get a feel for their experiences.
  2. by   hopeful03
    Quote from cwdoll
    Also, who all is waiting to hear about the accelerated option that begins in May? I know I would rather take part in an accelerated cohort if it's offered, but they won't know until mid to late December, which is pretty much too late to find a decent place to stay in the event that I have to begin in January
    Hi CWDOLL...how do you know if you're waiting on the accelerated option? Did your acceptance letter state that if it is offered you will be approved? I applied with the hope of doing the accelerated program, but it's been pretty unclear how it is going to work...are you accepted into the January BSN generic track & then will be considered for the accelerated cohort if/when it is offered?
  3. by   cwdoll
    Cali: I have noticed some forums and posts and basically I feel that UTHSCSA really has the best experience for me by what I've heard. I intend on staying in San Antonio, as I am with someone that is a teacher for Comal ISD. I feel that having clinical in SA would make me more likely to secure employment and get a feel for the facilities that I would like to work at. I have had a tough time, as TAMHSC is where I originally wanted to go, but when I went and saw the UTHSCSA campus I liked it much more than TAMHSC. TAMHSC is building a new facility that is absolutely amazing, but it won't be completed until after I'd be done. Also, TAMHSC is a relatively young program that essentially branched off from TAMU-Corpus Christi, so it isn't as well known. I think that no matter which campus I choose, I will come out on top because I have gotten accepted; that's the hardest part!

    Hopeful: what I was told was that if the option is approved by the TX Board of Nursing, then hopefully they can take all the students accepted for the January Generic cohort that want to shift to the May Accelerated cohort. I assume that if they don't have enough spots for interested students they will have a quick decision process with interviews possibly? That's the only way I can think they could handle that, but that is my opinion, not anything I've been told by staff at the school.
  4. by   calinative84
    Glad to hear that you are probly going to choose UTHSCSA. I say go with your gut and put yourself in the program you feel best in. Look forward to meeting you soon and good luck to you and hopeful figuring out the summer acclerated program

    Going to sumbit my vaccination card tomorrow. Totally stoked! If any of you are hoping for SAC as a back up plan they started notifying by email for their drug screening but it is not do till early December. Happy Prepping everyone!!!
  5. by   FutureRN76
    Hey Cali, I too am turning in my vaccination info tomorrow as soon as I go and get my TB test reading; and thanks for the info on Texas MedClinic. We're not too far off now...CWDoll, I agree with Cali, go with what you think is best for you. I did research on a few schools and ultimately decided on UTHSCSA. Due to this, it was the only school I applied for. Anyway, hope to see you in January. Also, I found a Starbucks right by the school if anyone wants that to be our meeting spot in late November, but any other ideas?
  6. by   calinative84
    Awesome FutureRN! Glad that Texas Med Clinic worked out.
  7. by   calinative84
    Called this morning to see when the student center closed and they put me on hold so I checked the website which said they closed at 5. Trugged all the way down there...got lost and they had closed at noon due to being open late earlier in the week. Take two on Monday.
  8. by   CyclicalEvents
    Went to go have my vaccination checked off. The nurse said I had to redo my TB because it's been 6 months since my last test. That'll be 5$. She also said I needed a titer on HepB, 15$. And another titer for chicken pox, $67 X_X
  9. by   calinative84
    Was this at the school or at UTHSCSA? Did see say why you had to get a titer even though it is already done? Not being nosy just thinking out loud if maybe i might have to do the same.
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  10. by   calinative84
    Duh...i just ment at UTHSCSA.
  11. by   FutureRN76
    Hey all... Cali, I went to drop off my immunization sheet also and what do you know, they were closed until Monday, oh well. CE, those are actually inexpensive costs for all those tests/shots that you need when compared to the prices I was quoted at three different clinics. Luckily I have all my medical records and immunization forms dating back to birth and was able to find where I was taken to the hospital for chicken pox, and where I had the Hep B series done for overseas travel. The only tests I had done were for TB and a TdaP booster. Cali, I asked at the Student Health Clinic the other day and the lady told me that since I had my Hep B series done more than ten years ago I DID NOT have to have a titer done; I thought that ten years or more and it would require one, but she said the opposite. I don't know if this means that if you had it done less than ten years ago you need a titer.
  12. by   calinative84
    Future..... did a little digging my self and it says on the uthscsa website and it does indicate that a titer may be required but it looks like it only maybe for the Hep A and B combo that takes less time and nereds the booster. i started my heb B back in 2007 so hopefully that reverse time thing works out. Guess i will find out monday. Sorry you wasted time too.
  13. by   cheeky29
    Future...Starbucks sounds like a good place to meet.