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Okay so im applying to uthscsa for the spring and was wondering if anyone knows what gpa they look at and any other helpful ideas to get an interview etc. my prereq gpa is 3.74 but my overall gpa is... Read More

  1. by   jac133
    Hi everyone. I'm a current student so hopefully I can help answer some of your questions...

    Unless you already have a prior Bachelor's degree, you won't be eligible for the accelerated program. That may be why some of you didn't get the email.

    The entire nursing curriculum at the school is being overhauled, including the accelerated program. Up until now, accelerated students took the exact same courses, only they had one of their semesters smashed into the summer so that they finished a semester earlier than the other people they started out with. They are changing it so that accelerated students are in an entirely different program all together. It should be an improvement. I am not sure if they are keeping the accelerated program that starts in January or not. I would call and ask them what the plan is, and how many months it would take to complete the new program that starts in May (assuming it is approved).

    I'm looking forward to seeing ALL of you guys at orientation!
  2. by   starlight99
    Has anyone checked their mail yet today? I'm stuck at work, but I'm so curious!
  3. by   itsMEkassiah
    I called someone just now and she said they sent out acceptance letters today!!! AHHHHHH! Im so nervous now. Does anyone know how fast mail travels in the city??
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  4. by   starlight99
    Ahhhh!! How exciting!! If you live in San Antonio it should only be 1 day turn-around-time. So tomorrow!! If you live outside San Antonio, in Texas, I would guess 1-3 days max. Good luck everyone!! I'm sure this thread is going to explode tomorrow as everyone checks their mail
  5. by   calinative84
    Can't wait for tomorow!!! What a wait this has been. If you live in san antonio it should be tomorow!!! Happy last day of waiting and hope to share in some excitment tomorow. Thanks also to the current student comment for shedding some light ok the email questions.
  6. by   Caramel_gyrl254
    Wow, how exciting!!!!
    I was kind of disappointed when I checked my mail today, and I saw a big envelope in the mailbox, and it was for my roommate .
    But I'm so glad to know that we get to find out tomorrow!!!! This has been a long time, waiting, and I pray that we all get in! Good luck guys!
  7. by   AFmedx13
    wow.......only a few more hours for some of you!!!
  8. by   AFmedx13
    ok, its noon in Texas,........someone has had to have heard something by now!
  9. by   itsMEkassiah
    My friend got hers and unfortunately she didn't get in Eeeek but I'm pretty sure my mail doesn't come until around 4 and I have to work at 4 argggg. It comes to my moms also which is a drive from where I live
  10. by   itsMEkassiah
    This is making me very very nervousssssssssss
  11. by   starlight99
    I'm stuck at work so I cant check till after 5pm. Also, I'm in Houston, so mine might take an extra day to get here. ahhhhh this is torture.
  12. by   CyclicalEvents
    Going crazy with anticipationnnnnn
  13. by   calinative84
    I am at work and can't think about anything but my mailbox!!!! Lets hope someone has some good news soon. To think that it is in my mailbox right now is driving me CRAZY.