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Hello everyone! This thread is for everyone applying to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. I believe they will be accepting applications from January 15-April 1, so the sooner... Read More

  1. by   nyctransplant
    @jimbee - yes, you should accept online. Your status will change and your TODO list will have more stuff in it. Also, you will get an email from Admissions with a couple of documents that you need to go over! Congratulations!!!!
  2. by   jimbee
    @nyctransplant, Thank you for your response and the information. I'll be sure to be on the look out for that!
  3. by   Hemphia
    jimbee - Please join us on the FB page Search for UTHSC SON Class of December 2013! See ya there!
  4. by   Hemphia
    Congrats btw!!
  5. by   jimbee
    @Hemphia I don't have a Facebook but as soon as I make one, I'll be sure to join. Thank you and congrats to you as well!!
  6. by   Hemphia
    Thanks! The FB page has a lot of information that will help answer any questions you might have and help guide you on this journey.... This way you are not taking this journey on your own. Cannot wait to have another face
  7. by   jimbee
    @Hemphia Absolutely!! I am already getting nervous that I'm missing something... Btw how long did it take for you to receive a follow up email from UT after your accepted your admission? Also, what made you choose UTHSC over any other school you applied to?
  8. by   Hemphia
    You should only get the one email telling you that you were accepted into the program. I got mine before I actually accepted.

    As for what helped me decide why UTHSC was the right choice for me, well there are many reasons but they are my reasons. I hope that makes sense.... The best advice I can give is for you to do a little research, if you haven't already, and determine what your future goals are. I know that I want to be a CRNA, and they offer one of the two programs in Houston area. I know that the school is closer to me, a lot closer than UTMB. I am unsure as to what other programs you are comparing to, but I can tell you that there are lots of individuals out there more than willing to answer any questions you might have. Put a lot of thought into your choice, but also make sure you WANT that school. My #1 choice was UTHSC.... But I didn't expect to actually get in. UTMB is a wonderful school and I almost chose them, but UTHSC still has my heart.

    I hope that I was able to help you out some..... Good Luck in your choice!
  9. by   Al-Sayyah
    Congrats to everyone who got accepted and best of luck to everyone waiting.
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  10. by   jenwilke
    i am giving up my spot for the fall because i am an out of state student and the tuition was just too much for me to handle. good luck to those of you who are accepted and hopefully one of you guys that arent will get my spot
  11. by   Hemphia
    Jenwilke - Before you give up your spot, trying talking to someone in financial services. I know that there are all kinds of loans out there and LOTS of scholarships at the school. Have you filled out your FAFSA yet?
  12. by   nici0513
    Does anyone know of a good phone # to get ahold of an actual person?? I've tried 4 different phone #s today from the Admissions office, registrar's office, and two direct lines to Sr. Support Specialist that I have talked to via e-mail during the application process. Left messages for all of them but still no response! I still have no holds, no status change, no e-mail, no letter!
  13. by   nurselyfe4115
    Do any of you guys know if they sent out letters for the MSN programs yet?