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UTHSC-Houston Fall 2012 Applicants

Hello everyone! This thread is for everyone applying to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. I believe they will be accepting applications from January 15-April 1, so the sooner the better! Their admission requirements are pretty standard:

Minimum Pre-Req Gpa: 2.75

Minimum Science Gpa: 3.0

Minimum HESI A2 score: 75% or higher on all required sections - math, reading comprehension, vocabulary/general knowledge, grammar, anatomy and physiology, critical thinking.

My info is really not that competitive, but I'm going to give it a shot anyways -

Pre-Req Gpa: 3.30

Science Gpa: 3.0 (Barely cutting it! :crying2: )

Overall Gpa: 3.28

Hesi score: 93.3% overall, with my lowest score being a 90.

My gpa is not the best, but I still have 3 more classes to finish this semester, and I'm aiming for all A's! I think the best thing I have going for me is my HESI scores.

Anyone else planning on applying? What are your stats? Any questions? Lets hear them, and good luck to all who are applying!

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hey! I am planning on applying for the Fall 2012 application.

My PREREQ GPA is around a 3.6

and my science gpa is right now a 3.0

but I am taking A and P I and II this semster and shooting for both A's hoping that will bring up my science one.

I havent taken my HESI

btw awesome job on yours thats an amazing score!

Do you have any tips because I am really nervous about it, and i dont know where to sign up! HELP haha

well good luck and thank god you started this forum!

Thanks! And good job to you on your pre-req GPA. Wow, AP I & II at the same time sounds pretty rough. Good luck! As far as the HESI, to be completely honest it was not that difficult for me. And I am in no way trying to brag. What I did is just checked out (for free!) a HESI study guide from my school's library (HBU) and studied everything in there. Although it was pretty much common sense, of course some questions being more difficult than others. Any questions on a particular subject you're worried about?

I found this link on UTHSC's website, not sure if it will be useful or not.


I took my exam at Houston Baptist so the registration procedure was pretty simple.

Let me know if you have anymore questions! :)

I wish the best of luck to everyone. I think the application deadline for Fall 2012 is Jan 15, 2012.

Overall GPA: 4.0

Science GPA: 4.0

Hesi: 93.2

Critical thinking: 890

And by the way there are not going to be any interviews for the Fall.

Hi there!

I am planning on applying in January as well. From what I have seen and heard the application deadline is January 15, 2012 for FALL 2012 admission. I wish it was all the way into April...

I am going out on a limb and hoping that by great chance I get accepted the first time. I have ALL of the prereqs required except AP II, Micro, Chem, and Philosophy! But it says they require 8 science credits to be completed before application. (it sucks because I can finish the 4 classes before fall 2012). I took intro to AP this summer (made an A) and I'm currently in AP I. I've made an A on all exams and labs this far so I am sure I will end the class with an A. My pre req's gpa is 3.2 and I am going to a HESI review tomorrow at LSC-Montgomery to prepare myself before taking the entrance test. I am also current with all immunizations and will get CPR certified before applying, just to cover all my bases.

Good Luck to all of you!! :) I really hope I make it in the first application because I would hate to wait an entire year to start when I only have 4 classes left! Optimism is what I am sticking with ;)

Desjt3 try to be optimistic about it, just try to do good on your pre-reqs and you will do fine. I wish you the best of luck on the hesi test.

Hey guys! I am applying to UTHSC-Houston, TWU and UTMB in Galveston. I am taking A &P II currently at Lone Star College and will be finished with all prerequisites in December. So far my grades are as follows:

Pre-Req GPA: 3.85

Science: 4.0

Overall: 3.3

I haven't taken the Hesi or TEAS yet because I wanted to finish A&P II first. I am scheduled to take both of them in December. I'm looking forward to hearing results in Apr-May of next year! Best of luck to everyone and hope everyone's semester is going well!

Hey Everyone!! I'm glad that there are others that are applying to the Fall 2012. I'm applying for the traditional BSN program. How about y'all? I've taken all my sciences except for Chemistry 1, but I'm taking that now. I took the HESI back in August and didn't do as well as I had wanted :( I'm really reconsidering redoing the test, I'm just afraid that I might do worse and then where would I be? Do y'all think I should retake the HESI?

Pre-Req GPA: 3.6875 (however they might round it from there)

Science GPA: 4.0

HESI: 87.86

Critical Thinking: 850

I will also be applying to UTMB, but UTHSC is my first choice. I am signing up to take the TEAS on Dec 29..... I sure hope I do well, because if I can't get into UTHSC, then UTMB is my only other option. TWU requires some additional coursework..... And I am so tired of pre-reqs ;) lol Anyone here taken the TEAS yet? And if so would you say it was easier than the HESI or harder?


I think your Overall and Science GPA r very good... You also have a good Hesi score... I think you should not worry about it so much. If you think you can do better on the Hesi then retake it otherwise I would stick to the first one. I have not taken the Teas yet, but my friends who have already taken it say that it was harder than the Hesi.

Best of luck to you and hopefully you will get in with no problems.


Are you applying to UTMB as well? Or just UTHSC? If you are gonna take the TEAS, I have had several friends who got into the Spring 12 at UTMB, say it was easier than the HESI..... but I guess every person is so different... lol!

Best of luck to everyone here!


I am not sure about applying to UTMB, until now I was planning to apply only to UTHSC coz that is where I want to be :) But a thought has been crossing my mind to take the Teas just in case...... If I do take the Teas it would be in the end of Dec......

That is when I plan on taking mine as well. I have been crazy busy this semester, so I am waiting until I get through this semester to take it. I am just not willing to put ALL my eggs in the same basket. Know what I mean? Especially since UTHSC is changing how they are accepting people now. It makes me nervous that they are all #'s now... and I know that they look at how many classes you take at the same time in a single semester. And they want your work history... it feels like I am applying to work for them, not study there! Just apprehension setting in. I don't think I will retake my HESI, because if I do worse the second time they use the most recent scores, not your best scores :( Otherwise I would give it a try.... lol


Just be optimistic and try to do well on the teas to have a second option. I wish you and myself best of luck getting in, I try not to worry about it..... I think of it this way: I did what I could and now I will wait and see :)

Hey everyone,

I will also be applying for Fall 2012. Has anyone heard anything new on what they are looking for in the application process?


I spoke to them yesterday and they are only looking at the GPA and the Hesi scores.

Best of luck to you and to everyone.....

I took the HESI for the second time and got a 95% overall and 830 on CT. I have a 4.0 GPA. My question is: I have already filled and sent my application, transcript, and HESI score so how soon should I ask them if they received those things and will I have to wait until about March to find out if I got accepted?

They are not gonna look at ANY applications until after the 15th, No matter when you sent in your application. I wished it worked that way ;) You can call to confirm that they got everything, but that is about it. They have everything from me, except for my app... Gotta finish filling it out.

Thanks Hemphia. I guess in the mean time I will start looking into immunizations, CPR training, background check, and finances.

Hello fellow applicants! I too am applying for the Fall 2012 and I am very happy I found this thread. I am currently taking classes at Lone Star and have to wait until the end of this semester to apply for UTHSC pacesetter BSN program( that will give me 43 credits towards my 60). I finish this semester mid Dec. so I'm nervous because it's so close to the deadline! I have a pre-req GPA=3.60 and my Science GPA=4.0. I still have to take Medical Micro., Nutrition, Govt II, Phil, and Chem in the Spring (17hrs :uhoh3:) and plan on getting all A's to give me a 3.70 overall GPA! I know I can do it though! I just registered to take my HESI, but I did take it through Lone Star to just see how it was this past summer and I got an overall 88.5% score and 90% in the A&P section. I hope to get an overall 90+% when I take it again. I haven't even done my application yet though, should I wait closer to the end of this semester when I can send my transcripts or should I go ahead and send at least the application??

Thanks for any feedback! :)


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