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Anyone here attend the ADN to BSN program at UTEP or Texas Tech? If so, what is it like? Are all classes online? Do you have to attend any clinical sites? How long does it take? Any and all... Read More

  1. by   hearicks
    I am thinking of eithe program myself. There is also an online RN to BSN or MSN from Kaplan
  2. by   valeeriahh
    I am applying to the UTEP nursing program this Spring 2012 and I wanted to ask you how you got accepted? Was your GPA really high? and about your teas results?
    I hope you have time to answer my questions, its because I want to hear from someone who has actually been there.

    Thank you
  3. by   aclovly
    Did you start the program at UTEP ? If so how is it?
  4. by   omotzury
    I am planning on applying to UTEP too so any info will be great