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  1. Hello all, I am looking for you all's input? Is anyone familiar with the idea of starting and/or running a behavioral or psychiatric home health agency?? I see that other states offer these services but it isn't as popular in the state of Texas. I ...
  2. OCH with USPS

    Hello All, I saw a posting on Indeed about USPS looking to hire an Occupational Health Nurse and I am actually considering to apply. I never knew USPS hired nurses. The job description on the website is not detailed enough to explain the duties and ...
  3. OCH in a post office

    Hello, I am just curious about this USPS Nursing Position, Did you ever accept and start this job? Can you give us few details and insight about the job responsibilities? Thank you
  4. are you kidding me? i am just ready to start working and getting busy. Job hunting is a full tome job itself without pay so you bet i am so readyyyyyyyyyyy lol
  5. No i have not, have yo tried applying to parkland? i have an ADN and i have applied to literarily all parkland positions but i have not got one single call or interview, but being that you have a BSN, i have heard that they love BSN's, so try and app...
  6. Walden University has new FNP and AGNP Programs

    currently we are just waiting on your transcripts to be received. are you still planning to apply for the october 15th start date? also, walden was able to clear everything with the state of texas and you will be able to complete your practicum and...
  7. UTEP or Texas Tech

    I am planning on applying to UTEP too so any info will be great
  8. Walden University has new FNP and AGNP Programs

    How long did the application process take for you? when are you starting and conrats by the way. I am currently and ADN and i have 20 more credit hours to graduate, will go ahead and finish that by spring 2013. I really am hoping apply for the FNP to...
  9. Walden University has new FNP and AGNP Programs

    hey jenj90, which texas a&m are you planning on attending?? is it the one in canyon texas? i have been planning on applying there too, any info will be very well appreciated.
  10. Walden University has new FNP and AGNP Programs

    here was the message i got from a walden advisor, i asked of there was a specific date that this would be done since i applied for the october start date. [color=#454545]they did not give me a date in the correspondence i received this morning and i...
  11. Walden University has new FNP and AGNP Programs

    I just finished speaking with a walden advisor, and i asked her the same question that everyone has been asking. She said that they have sent letters out to the THECB and that they are hoping to be certified or authorized by the beginning of fall ter...
  12. Walden's RN-MSN....worth it? or BSN first???

    So did you ever start the Walden program????? i am also considering it but im am a bit reluctant, is there anything i might need to know, i am also an ADN looking to start the RN-FNP program.
  13. Parkland Critical Care Nurse Residency Sept 2012

    I heard the beginning of September and usually its going to take parkland 4 weeks to process application and start calling for interviews, so pretty soon, we just have to keep waiting, just for a bit longer, almost there.
  14. Parkland Critical Care Nurse Residency Sept 2012

    i heard that it was supposed to be starting in september,
  15. Parkland Critical Care Nurse Residency Sept 2012

    Hey guys, I also applied to all the positions that parkland had opened, maybe that would increase my chances, i am currently desperately in need of a job so any offer right now will be great. I have also got the email about "application under revi...