UTA Spring 2010 - page 7

Is anyone out there applying at UTA for the spring? I was wondering, if we are asked to interview, what month would that be? and does anyone know when they send out their final decision? Also,... Read More

  1. by   ayeisha
    congrats goopsy, i bet you are so relieved !! the fast track program is for those that already have a degree right? well i guess that means they have officially started sending out acceptance letters!
  2. by   goopsy
    No, the fast track is not just for people who have a degree already. It is open to everyone. I am hoping that they mailed letters out yesterday and that I will get one today! I applied to both the fast track and the regular 2 yr track, but still have not heard anything about the 2 yr program.
  3. by   ms.hopeful2013
    CONGRATS GOOPSY!!!! Yay I'm so happy for you! Have you heard anything from TWU yet?
  4. by   goopsy
    Thanks misspink! no not from TWU yet; they will let us know at the end of october, early november!
  5. by   goopsy
    omg!! i emailed my advisor just to make sure that i was really accepted into the ap program because i had this feeling that was way too quick, and she said it was a "glitch in the system" and they have not even started to look at applications yet for the ap program. she said, "at this point, we have not even processed your ap applications, so that letter was sent erroneously. i apologize for any emotional inconvenience the letter might have caused. "
  6. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Really! I'm so sorry Goopsy. But I'm sure you will get in either way!
  7. by   ayeisha
    wow im sorry to hear that Goopsy. Im sure you will get in anyways, no worries
    hopefully the 2yr program acceptance letters will be sent out this week
  8. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Good luck Ayeisha with the pharm test! I heard ms. michal say your name a few times in the review lol
  9. by   ayeisha
    lol yea, i didnt realize she was going to post the session on webct. i guess everyone knows my name now lol. did you do the review session? i think it was only 11 people that actually did it and good luck to you also misspink86. i thought the pharm quiz was a lil hard, so im not sure what to expect on the test
  10. by   ms.hopeful2013
    No I didn't do the review, I just went to web ct and listened to it. The test wasn't too bad today! Hopefully we will get our grades soon! But yes the quiz was kinda tough
  11. by   ayeisha
    yea that test wasnt that hard. it seemed like the first page or two was the hardest and then the questions got a little easier. i think the next test I will work from the last question to the beginning, because my confidence after i think the 4th question just plummeted. maybe we will get some extra credit
  12. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Oh I know...I was like eeekkkkk! ha ha. Thats some good advice! I'm gonna start from the back next time too! I hope we get extra credit too that would be awesome!
  13. by   ayeisha
    well it looks like there was no luck in getting letters this week. there must have really been some close competition for spring semester bc they are taking way to long to make decisions. we are coming up on 4 months!