UT-Houston Fall 2007 Applicants - page 6

Hey all, Just wanted to hear who else on the board is applying for Fall 2007. I've sent everything in and just took the NET test last Saturday. Now the waiting game begins! -Paige... Read More

  1. by   Rocky#3B
    Congratulations!!!!! :hatparty:
  2. by   a nurse to be
    mine said the same thing... does that mean i got accepted!?!
  3. by   eez28
    Quote from a nurse to be
    mine said the same thing... does that mean i got accepted!?!
    Yeah, that's the same question I have.
  4. by   Rocky#3B
    That's exactly what it means. Provisional admission is when you do not meet the requirements for full admission. Meaning you still have pre-reqs to complete and pass with at least a C. Once you complete the courses and turn in your transcript your status will be changed to full admission.
  5. by   eez28
    Will it also say this when there are holds because I have completed all my pre-reqs already. I still have to submit cpr, shot records, and "admission documents."
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  6. by   Ben Franklin
    Congratulations eez!
  7. by   eez28
    Thanks Rocky (for the earlier congrats) and Ben!
  8. by   Lene_625
    OMG!! mines says:

    You have been admitted to the program for the term shown above.

    AHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm sooo happy right now!! I just hope it's not kidding around with me! I don't think I'd feel quite complete until I get the official letter!
  9. by   eez28
    Congrats Lene!!!!!!
  10. by   Ben Franklin
    That's awesome Lene!
    Hook'em Horns!
  11. by   Lene_625
    THANKS eez28 and ben franklin! Congrats to you to eez28! I'll see u in the fall!!
  12. by   loompahtx
    Hi guys...I made it into the program, too! i'm still shocked...congrats to Lene and eez! :hatparty:
  13. by   a nurse to be
    i guess i just have to make sure to finish my prereqs before august and i'll be joining all of you who got accepted in the fall! congrats to all