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Hey all, Just wanted to hear who else on the board is applying for Fall 2007. I've sent everything in and just took the NET test last Saturday. Now the waiting game begins! -Paige... Read More

  1. by   a nurse to be
    are we supposed to have health insurance while in nursing school?
  2. by   tmax8272
    I think we are covered by the school's insurance if you don't have any of your own. If you do have insurance already, I think you can send in some type of form, so that they don't charge you for theirs.
  3. by   Lene_625
    wow. this thread is almost 20 pages long. i just wanted to say that. bye!
  4. by   miztee
    Hey guys,

    I received my acceptance letter from Blinn (Schulenburg campus) for the mobility track (ADN) program. I start 5/29. I've been waiting so long and now that it's here--feeling a little overwhelmed!!!! Just 4 semesters and I will be done!!!

    Good Luck to All and I will be stopping in to give an update on how things are going!!

    Miz Tee
  5. by   natthomas
    Congratz!!!!! Hard work does pay off.:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:
  6. by   miztee
  7. by   a nurse to be
    I just got my financial aid in the mail and wanted to know if anyone knew how much tuition is for a semester. I didnt want to accept all these loans if I didn't need it! I hope someone can help with this question! thanks!
  8. by   nurseally86
    I think with our acceptance packet there is a scholarship form. On that form there is a few numbers as to how much it is for certain things. They are saying that for tuition, fees, Uniforms, Books, and/or educational supplies it should be around $9,500 per year for the BSN General program. You might want to contact someone in the financial department at the school though if you have more questions. Also...man I love this little guy!
  9. by   mahatma
    Welcome future UT students!
    I just started at UT Houston accelerated program a few weeks ago. Let me tell you that it is definitely the best school for nursing in the entire US! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am very busy so please be patient if I do not respond immediately.
  10. by   dm22
    Anyone receive a registration packet yet?
  11. by   nurseally86
    I was in the CANDO program for the past 4 weeks and during the program the UTH students got to go on a private tour of UT. On the tour we were told that registration packets would be going out THIS WEEK! Woo hoo! If you have any more questions contact Tarsha Young in Student Resources!

  12. by   eez28
    My registration packet came in today!
  13. by   Kim O'Therapy
    Hello classmates-to-be!

    The registration packet recommends a laptop, PDA, and voice recorder. Can any current students tell me if we really need all three?

    FOCUS starts soon! Woot!

    Thanks for your time and attention.