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I'm having to go through TPAPN for a past hoistory of 4 DWI's. The last one was in 1991. I have been sober for for ten years, but that doesn't seem to count. My alcohol dependancy assessment that I... Read More

  1. by   1964RNfromTX
    Quote from latrink
    :spin:Well from what I read you have to work a min. of 64 hrs a month. And ofcourse no over nights or on call (atleast that's for me).
    And I just looked up nnoc and it says it's the national nurses organizing comittee....don't exactly know what they do but I can find out unless someone fills us in......hmmm......
    NNOC is the organization that is responsible for getting unions started for nurses in CA, IL, and other states. They are also organizing Texas nurses to try to get a union started, as well as getting a House Bill passed that would set appropriate nurse to patient ratios into law.
    In :angryfireTPAPN, you are required to work for 64 Hrs. a month, for a MINIMUM OF 12 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS, to complete the program.
  2. by   RNRutRO
    Yes 1964RNfromTX - I know all too well the requirements of working 64 hours a month for 12 consecutive months..... I should have been more clear on my question. It was in regards to nurse&lawyer2's post about the TNA and the "attempt" to limit the number of hours a nurse can work. First off, I didn't read the "attempt" part. Second, just for general knowledge, how many hours can a nurse work a week. Can he or she work 16 hours a day 7 days a week?

    I know that TPAPN will not allow you to work overtime, especially the first 3 or 6 months. So, this is just for the nurses period. Not necessarily tpapn nurses.

    So, 1964RNfromTX, did you or did you not have to do tpapn? And if you did, what was their justificiaton? Your dui's were 10 years ago. I thought the statue of limitations was LONG gone on that.

    I think this whole thing is poo for the ones that did stuff before they were nurses. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. by   NurseRotten
    Quote from TheCommuter
    It would be nice if the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners paid more attention to these types of cases individually. However, they're punishing someone for something that occurred over 15 years ago. It all makes me wonder if they're really doing this in the name of public safety. Most BONs are out to supposedly protect the public while collecting money from licensees. They're collecting fees from nurses, but they're definitely not out to protect the interests of the nurses.
    That's probably because the Texas BNE was established to protect public health, not the nurses. The orginization's mission is to make sure that each person with a license to practice nursing is competent and safe.
  4. by   latrink
    First of all you obviously missed the point of that quote. Yes we've all agreed taht tpapn can be a useful/helpful program to those nurses who did "abuse" their license and want a second chance. However, for someone to be punished for something dumb they've done 15 yrs ago is absolutely absurd. The BNE is not protecting the patients, there, they are simply for looking for someone they can threaten with losing their license so they can suck some money out of them for this so called non profit organization.
  5. by   nurseandlawyertoo
    Hi all,

    The attempt to limit the number of hours a nurse can work (TNA working through the BNE) was intended for everybody---OUTRAGEOUS! The BNE posted this nonsense on its website and 10,000 nurses commented and told them where to stick that (GOOD JOB!!!) What most people do not realize is that TNA was behind that---they work in concert with their friends at the THA (go figure--isn't TNA supposed to PROTECT US?) TNA went to the BNE and asked them to issue a position statement that said the reason why nurses were in trouble was that they work too many hours. Anybody with a brain knows that is WRONG and it is the CONDITIONS that nurses work in short staffed forced to take unsafe assignments or be fired etc, that is the real problem. I work with a LOT of nurses who are in TPAPN or board ordered drug stips etc., and yes, the 64 hours a month is a minimum to work off the stips or satisfy TPAPN. We need an overhaul of this system! And I am in your corner about things people did before they became nurses, or 10 year old DWIs---one of my lawyer buddies has it right --"public safety or public image?" the BNE cares more about what the Dallas Morning news is printing about them---public safety yeah right.

    Re the NNOC, it is an organization designed to allow nurses to speak with one voice AGAINST corporate greed in medicine and one of the MAJOR goals is to establish ratios for safe care. Did you know that when California implemented ratios 60,000 nurses came back to the bedside? I am of the opinion that we don't have a shortage of nurses, we have a shortage of nurses who are willing to take what hospitals and the BNE are dishing out! I can'ttell you how many GREAT nurses have left the profession because of the hell they put up with not just on the job, but when the BNE starts investigating them. We need to get organized, be it a union or some other way to protect our patients number one, which will in turn protect OUR licenses---the NNOC website talking about the Texas activities for those of you who are interested is
  6. by   joelpap1
    Good afternoon to everyone... I have great news, I received an email from a union, NurseAlliance, concerning nurse to patient ratios. Anyways, this is one aspect of this union wanting to organize in Texas. I do not know the specifics between this union and BNE (scratch my back and I'll scratch yours). But, I do have a name and number to one their representatives. Her name is Ha Nguyen (210) 410-1498 and email Please contact her with any questions.. Let's get this union on the fast track with support. Also, please post any dialogue.. Thanks..
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