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In looking around this site, I have seen seveal mention that they are teachers who are going/went into nursing. I am currently teaching middle school, and hoping to start nursing school in August. ... Read More

  1. by   Teacher2bCRNA
    i am looking to make the change very soon. however, i am cautious about moving from one stressful job to another. the ultimate goal is crna. both are very politcal professions that are majority female (i am female) and i don't look forward to that. overall, nursing will give me other opportunities that education can't right now.

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    in looking around this site, i have seen seveal mention that they are teachers who are going/went into nursing. i am currently teaching middle school, and hoping to start nursing school in august. i was just curious how many educators-turned-nurses there are out there.
  2. by   Teacher2bCRNA
    one of the reasons that i am leaving. let's not forget the principals who don't suspend students when they should. children these days are given passes to be out of control.

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    i had thought about teaching, but i do not like to deal with disobedient children and the parents that uphold their disobedient behavior
  3. by   Miley22
    Hi everyone,

    I just graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a BA in Liberal Studies. I wanted to be an elementary teacher, but until I went to schools and did my field hours...I found out that I don't want to be a teacher anymore. The kids were stubborn and always hyper. I didn't want to change my major and hop onto another one when I was so close in getting a degree in Liberal Studies. Anyways, I am currently attending Golden West College to get my prerquites done so that I could apply to a BSN/MSN program. One thing that I'm scared when apply into nursing schools is I won't know what to say if they ask me why I wanted to change my major from being an elementary teacher to a nurse. I don't want to say that I don't like kids...or can't stand them. Can anyone think of a good reason to say when having an interview with the nursing schools? Thanks!!

    I'm also looking for several good nursing schools that offer BSN programs. Does anyone know any nursing school that are out there? It doesn't matter if it's an Out-of-State school or not. I live in Orange County, California.

  4. by   JeanettePNP
    I've been a teacher for 15 years and I'm now taking pre-reqs for nursing school. I started thinking about nursing last year when I taught a human Biology course in high school. My students started coming to me with all their health-related questions. I said to myself, hey, this is what I would *really* like to do full time. So I started to look into nursing.
  5. by   Faith2012
    Any updates from those who left teaching to become a nurse??? How are you now if you finished nursing school?? Any regrets?? I am a nursing student thinking of going into teaching. Any and all advice would be appreciated!
  6. by   editor2rn
    I taught elementary school for seven years, and I just finished my first year of nursing. I wouldn't go back to teaching. As much as I love teaching, I don't like the behavior management aspect, and the parents can be more of a pain than the kids. Also, career options are limited for teachers. The kids change each year, but the job is the same.

    With nursing, there are so many things you can do. I'm finding lots of various job opportunities out there for experienced nurses. I'm not one who likes to feel trapped in a job, and I definitely don't with nursing. It's also great to go in only three days a week. I worked plenty of 12-hour days as a teacher, so the long shifts aren't bad; however, they are physically more demanding than when I was teaching (plus I'm older, so double whammy to the body).

    One last little bonus: I get much more respect from the general public as a nurse. Even the patients treat me better than the students or their parents. Everyone thinks they can teach, and they just don't respect that profession. Teachers are seen as babysitters. A few people think they can be nurses, but I find most people seem to respect our profession as something they couldn't do themselves, and they value nurses. Sure, there are always those few ungrateful patients who can drive a nurse crazy, but all in all, I find my interactions with patients and their families to be quite positive.

    Good luck with your endeavor!