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Welcome! I thought it was time to start a new thread for TCC fall 2013 applicants and future hopefuls. I've followed the past 2 threads for TCC and there are at least a handful of us finishing up... Read More

  1. by   PJE22
    No problem! Good Luck
  2. by   kristajaye
    Has anyone scheduled their Hesi test yet?
  3. by   ktm89
    Quote from kristajaye
    Has anyone scheduled their Hesi test yet?
    I scheduled mine for February 20th! I wanted to take it more than once so I have a few scores to choose from but I don't know where else we can take it.
  4. by   Hvkicks
    I have a question.. You can take only 2 time for the hesi right???? I heard u can't take anymore than 2 time??? I'm getting a little confuse I went to barnes and noble to buy a hesi practice test and I see it a hesi a2 test.. On the hesi a2 they have science... If u taking hesi for Tcc, what does the test consist?? Reading, math, grammar, vocab?? If I'm missing anything let me know so I can study
  5. by   ktm89
    You can take the HESI as many times as you want, but only once a semester through TCC. The HESI covers math, vocab, reading comprehension, and sciences, but TCC test you on sciences. If you take the HESI somewhere other than TCC and they test you on sciences, TCC won't look at the science scores
  6. by   Hvkicks
    Hay I called Tcc and they said they only testing math, reading comprehensive, vocab, and grammar... They don't test science
  7. by   ktm89
    That's what I meant, I just ha a typo
  8. by   Hvkicks
    Lol yeah u confuse me bro.
  9. by   Hvkicks
    So u taking it this February right??? Lmk how it goes man!!
  10. by   kn92
    did you schedule at TCC? if so did you have to go in person or could you make the appointment over the phone?
  11. by   ktm89
    You have to register in person. You'll go to the testing center and choose a date. They'll give you a referral slip to take to business services and you'll pay $37 for the test. Then you'll take your receipt and referral slip back to the testing center and they'll register you
  12. by   kristajaye
    I scheduled my Hesi test today. I'm taking mine on the 13th.
  13. by   kn92
    I'm applying with a 3.75. Super nervous. Good luck to everyone applying....