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I was wondering who all got accepted or is in the TAMUCC eline program this semester. It is nice to have someone to talk and ask questions about the program. I start Jan. 10th, YEAH.... Read More

  1. by   ellekunk
    Also, has anyone had success getting in touch with someone there to help?
  2. by   av1084
    Elle, if you would like to talk to someone about the program at the school, then contact **** ******. Make sure when you call you have all your questions ready.
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  3. by   verano05
    What if you have had all the pre req. more than 10years? Do you have to take them over again although you are working full time as a LPN?
  4. by   RN2BENAUSTIN
    I think the sciences have to be up to date, but some of them may transfer. I would call or email **** *******, she will let you know.

    I am currently taking the Pathophysiology (Health Alterations) thru TAMU CC and have applied for Summer 09. If this class is any indication of the program, I know I would really love it. My fingers are crossed, Rita said I would not hear anything until end of March!
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  5. by   verano05
    Do you know if they have set up any clinicals in the Houston area?
  6. by   tejas-nurse
    I would like to know if they have clinicals in Houston as well and if they could be scheduled on the weekends.
  7. by   College_Mom2006
    I am not sure about clinicals in Houston, but as far as the times.....it depends on your preceptors schedule. I have done all days of the week.
  8. by   tejas-nurse
    So how does this whole self-paced thing work? If you are ultra-fast, can you finish a course in a month and move right on to the next one?
  9. by   College_Mom2006
    I am sure that if you are "ultra fast" you can finish some in a month, but not all are that easy to finish quickly. They are divided up into modules and each module has lessons. Any where from 3 to ~17 lessons per module. Typically, the lessons are made up of assigned reading, quizzes and/or assignments. The first level has the most modules and can be very intimidating. Also clinical is done and usually consists of 135 hours per course. It is alot of work, and you have to be self-motivated. But if you want it, then do it. I know alot of people who have alread graduated.
  10. by   tejas-nurse
    Thanks for your reply. How are the grads currently doing in terms of finding jobs?
  11. by   College_Mom2006
    So far, so good. Those that I know of are employed and most had offers prior to finishing their course work.
  12. by   tejas-nurse
    That's very encouraging. I've contacted the program officer. I hope that clinicals can be set up in Houston.
  13. by   College_Mom2006
    And if that does not work out, there are clinical sites in the Bryan/College Station area. That is where I do my clinicals.
    Good Luck to you.