Surrender License or Deal with TPAPN

  1. Hello I am new to this site. I am a RN in TX. I have been refered to TPAPN for falsification of a RX. Just wondering if anyone has experience with TPAPN? If they thought of surrendering their license to TXBNE? And if so what was the outcome? I am so sick of all the required hoops I must jump through and sometimes think it would be easier to let my license go.
    Thank you for your input in this matter.
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  3. by   RNRutRO
    I'm new to here too. I'm also in TPAPN, and just started looking for a job. Today is a good day, and I can do it. Tomorrow maybe another story. Learn what you need to from this experience and suck it up for the next two years. Then you will be healthy, have an occupation to fall back on, AND in the meantime, helping others.

    That's today, tomorrow, I may need you to help me.

    Hope you find a job. Keep me posted. And remember, it's only for two years, right?:spin:
  4. by   Murphyrn1955
    I surrendered. TPAPN was a joke. Many hospitals say they are TPAPN friendly but are not. Now I am dealing with the BNE and find it much easier. Check your options.
  5. by   shannonFNP
    Sorry for my ignorance, but what in the world is TPAPN?
  6. by   EricJRN
  7. by   Murphyrn1955
    Quote from shannon88
    Sorry for my ignorance, but what in the world is TPAPN?

    TPAPN is Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses. I am sure their intent was good, but they have not stood the test of time sadly.
  8. by   longhornfan1
    I have been in TPAPN for 16 months and it has it ups and downs. Long term will probably have been a good choice because if I apply to the MSN or NP licensure I don't want to take any chances on something happening. Right now it sucks, but overall they have been really supportive. Especially with a ADA complaint against my previous employer for wrongful termination, they put me in touch with the EEOC and they have been investigating for almost a year. Hope it turns out positive. Hardest part? Working with the narc restrictions, especially where I was because most of the nurses were worthless and lazy and then to turn around five minutes later and ask them to give my med. My old charge nurse actually refused because he said the pt didnt need it. Who the heck was he to over ride my assessment!! Eventually had the CCO come in and reassess, he gave the med! Sucked more and more every day until I got the keys back, then I got fired after only three days work with the restriction lifted. Anyway. Hope this helps.