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  1. Hello everyone! My husband and I are looking to relocate to the Houston, TX area in the Summer of 18'. I wanted to inquire about offers for RN's and benefits at the hospitals. I have been a nurse for two years so by time we move it would be three years. I heard that the TMC hospitals pay more? Also what hospitals are included in TMC? I work in L&D so i would like to stay in that area I am open to hearing about other hospitals/pay/benefits/magnet status in the surrounding areas are. Also what is the COL? What are the good and bad areas to live in? I have two children. My son will be starting kindergarten and my daughter preschool when we move. Give me all the details of everything. I am also looking for hospitals that treat their nurses well. Thanks for all your help!!!
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    So TMC has many hospitals including Memorial Hermann, Houston Methodist, CHI St. Luke's, MD Anderson, Texas Children's, VA, Ben Taub, and Women's hospital of texas. Most of those hospitals have satellite sites in the surrounding suburbs. Most have Magnet status in TMC. As for salary, I'm guessing low to mid $30s/hr? As for places to live, do you want suburbs? city? Some popular suburbs I'm familiar with are Sugar Land, Katy, Cypress, Pearland, Missouri City to south and southeast of Houston. Check out the houston city-data forum page. not sure what COL is good luck and PM me with specific questions if you want.
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    The cost of living in Texas is low compared to most of the country. Texas has no income tax and low real estate prices. However, sales tax and property taxes are high, as is the cost of summer air conditioning. Nursing wages tend to balance out in the nurse's favor when compared to the wage:cost of living ratio in most other states, though the hourly sum is often a bit less.
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    Too crowded here. Just stay where you are.