Parkland Hospital - Good Place to Work?

  1. Hi, I have a job interview with parkland next week for the Nurse Internship Position in L&D. I'm a little nervous about it. They want you to sign a 2 year contract. I'm a little reserved about that. Has anyone else here worked for Parkland recently? Do they have good benefits? How's the pay? Has anyone worked in L&D there? If anyone has any information, I'd love to hear it.

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  3. by   Prettyladie
    I don't have any personal experiences about working at Parkland but I hear more bad than good. But I'm extremely excited to work here. Congrats on your interview. I applied to the ER Nurse Residency. I have to take the medication exam on Thursday of next week. A recruiter told me that interviews start on the 31st. When exactly is your interview. I'm not reserved about signing the 2 year contract because I've always wanted to work there, it's close to home. I just don't want to work anywhere else. So if you are reserved about signing it, then don't unless you have money to pay them back for putting your through the residency. Why are you reserved. The pay is $24.53 which is a litte higher than most DFW hospitals, considering this is county. I mean JPS probably pays around that too. My friend works there now and is in a resident program so if you have any questions let me know.
  4. by   fallinnstyle
    I don't have personal experience, but I do know that you will get the best immersion into L&D there than any other hospital anywhere. Their L&D is always busy. Good luck.
  5. by   frylockholmes
    Well i guess i shouldnt say reserved. Im just cautious. Im actually really exvited and hope i get the job. Thanks for helping mr out with this. I work in a smaller hosptal in northeast texas now and nobody here has anythig to tell me about working at parkland. I think i'll just see how the interview goes and then if they want mr, i'll decide then.
  6. by   frylockholmes
    Wow sorry there were a lot of typos in that reply. Im on my iphone. Haha
  7. by   TexAg09
    Lately they have been getting dinged because a patient died in restraints (which is a no-no!) and for infection control. I don't know if they solved that or not. I interviewed there in May for ER. It's definitely a good experience because it's a county hospital but I hear it has the good and the bad like most places.
  8. by   Prettyladie
    TexasAg. How was your interview. Was it for the nurse resident position or just a RN job in the ER. Dis you get and accept the position.
  9. by   Prettyladie
    How did your interview go
  10. by   foxyhill21
    Every hospital has its pros and cons, it just depends on what you are willing to deal with. I personally want to work at parkland, but Im not willing to take a pay cut at this point in my life.
  11. by   ames214
    What's the shift differentiation pay there? Thanks.
  12. by   Greenie1
    I think it's $3.50 nights and $6.00 weekends. So $9.50 for weekend nights. Parkland is great, IMHO. You have to be very compassionate and pretty thick-skinned to thrive there. If you went into nursing to help the people who need it most, this might be the place for you. Pretty much every unit is busy and the patients are really sick there. The pay is good, but I promise you will earn every penny.
  13. by   oscar0183
    I interviewed and accepted a position in Parklands ER Nurse Residency starting in January 2012. I think there are pros and cons to every hospital. Parkland offers opportunities that other hospitals cannot. You will earn every penny for sure but your career will be better off for it in the future. I did my L&D rotation there and never thought I would like it. I ended up putting it on my list of specialties I would consider because of them. I hope your interview went well! A student in my class accepted an offer for L&D last week!
  14. by   Prettyladie
    Oscar, when did you interview? How were you notified of your offer?