Okie wants to move to TX!

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm a nursing student who will be graduating in May with a BSN and want to focus on Acute care in a NICU, ICU or ER. I plan on moving to the Waco TX area following graduation and am wondering about my options along with some local wisdom. Any and all input is GREATLY appreciated! Thanx everyone
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    Good luck to you. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    I am a nursing student in central texas and I heard that Hillcrest in Waco is a great place to work...If you want to drive about 30 miles Scott and White in Temple is a teaching facility and there is also King's Daughters Hospital as well...In both Temple and Waco there are VA hospitals in you want to work for the government....Ft.Hood isn't to far away and there are several base there jobs as well...Nursing homes are another option but then again it depends on what you want to do...
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    Thanks for the welcomes and the knowledge everyone! lilkim, do you know if any of those that you mentioned in Waco or Temple are Level 1 trauma facilities? I sorta doubt it based on Waco's size but ya never know! I'm going down there next weekend and I'm gonna try to get a better lay of the land so to speak. Again- thanks everyone- Ya know how to make a guy feel at home!
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    Welcome to Allnurses, and even more -- Welcome to Texas!
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    Well actually Hillcrest in Waco is a level II and Scott and White in Temple down the road is indeed a level I...
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    Hi all! its my first time to post in this forum i'm a newbie member. Anybody in here from Victoria, Texas.