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CONGRATULATIONS :yeah:to all that got accepted into the nursing program at Lone Star College and also the ones put on as alternates (hang in there, I have read good news for alternates in previous... Read More

  1. by   Tyshe
    Its almost time to guys ready..???
  2. by   Tyshe
    Hi and welcome to the site,, sorry you didnt get the clinical you wanted...The classes filled up pretty quick.. I was really surprised. I am also taking Pharm this summer but with ****,, its an online class, what Professor do you have? and what clinical did you end up with?
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  3. by   VickyRN
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  4. by   beautyqueen2011
    Hey Tyshe to answer ur questions I am taking pharm at the kingwood location..
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  5. by   Tyshe
    Oh ok,, if you have any other quesitions dont hesitate to PM me,,,
  6. by   beautyqueen2011
  7. by   beautyqueen2011
    Can someone tell me where do I find the Private Message icon
  8. by   Tyshe
    beautyqueen2011- I think the PM is next to the registered user, Its the second icon with the pencil..
  9. by   Lizzienick311
    Where have yall gone or are yall going for your uniforms?? I am going tomorrow - but dont know where yet.
  10. by   clac2009
    Lizzienick311 - you could go to Scrubs, Etc. on the I-45 feeder near The Woodlands if you are close. They give a 30% discount to students.
  11. by   Tyshe
    Hey Lizzienick- I was wondering where you been,, I have not gone for the uniform yet, let me know what you come up with...
  12. by   Lizzienick311
    Hey Tyshe - I've been here - Just really busy over the holiday weekend and finishing up my last day of work! I can finally get on the move to getting things done! I am thinking about going to order my uniforms today if I have the chance. How have you been doing?
  13. by   Tyshe
    Same here Lizzienick- just working and trying to get ready for pharm and the other class that starts on the 27th of July.. I was able to get the clinical we all wanted how about you and Goo123. I also got the 8-12noon class for 27th... ..