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]Hello All, ]I'm looking for any information in regards to the NCTC LVN nursing program. My questions are as such: Are there any prereqs, shots that I should try and have done now, etc., I'm... Read More

  1. by   DeterminedStudentSG
    I searched all over this website and haven't found any others that have taken the test for 2010 either. I did notice the students who are in the online class for this year received their approval letter around November 15... Hopefully we'll get ours sooner! I'm so nervous to know if my scores are good enough!
  2. by   renay333
    I tested at nctc on Saturday at 9:00 for the January 2010 admission, I can't stand the wait either! I got a 96 on math, which is good for me, but I was dissapointed in my reading score, a 91. My average was 93.65% Just hoping that is good enough to get in. If anyone else knows about test scores needed to be admitted, please post your comments. Also, if I do get in, what are the chances of being assigned clinicals close to your home? Do they work with you on that, or do you just get what you get? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. by   ybstressed
    As far as clinicals you get what you get. Right now I have to drive to Decatur which is 1 hour from my home......but I love being online!
  4. by   msshun1973
    After a few days you can check your score with evolve and see what the average score was for everyone that tested with you on Saturday.
  5. by   DeterminedStudentSG
    msshun- Hey! Did you receive any letters from the NCTC nursing dept yet? A approval perhaps? They have already sent them out.
  6. by   msshun1973
    Hey Detemined,
    No I haven't received an acceptance letter but I did receive a letter awhile ago stating that I qualified for the program and it gave me a break down of my score. The letter stated that they were not even going to meet to decide until the second week in November. I just spoke to the assistant in the LVN office and she stated that it will be the middle of November before they mail decision notices. Waiting has been hard, I have ran across a few more scores and they all seem to be very close.
  7. by   DeterminedStudentSG
    With your scores I am sure you got into the program. From what I've heard anything above a 89 should have gotten you into the at least the waiting list. Best of luck to you! Your scores are higher than mine so I hope you get in!
  8. by   msshun1973
    Thank you, I hope so too. You never know about your score so goodluck to you also.
  9. by   mirandah2k
    Hello all. I just got my acceptance packet for the NCTC Online program yesterday. I got a 96 avg on the HESI. The packet requires all sorts of things. Im just hoping I can get it all together. I like how organized the school is and the instructions they give. I am excited.
  10. by   msshun1973
    Congratulations, I received mine yesterday too, I have been reading over everything, I was surprised since the assistant had just told me that we would not receive anything till the middle of November. They were probably tired of everyone calling. I'm trying to figure out myself how I am going to get everything completed. Before we know it January will be here.
  11. by   mirandah2k
    Yeah. I'm a little overwhelmed. Im very happy, but I dont think I processed it all in my mind. For some reason, I thought about the books and orientation and the drug test, but nothing else. I didnt realize there would be extra transcripts, recommendation letters, CPR cert, etc!!!
  12. by   msshun1973
    Yeah, I handed out my reference sheets today, I don't know where you live but I have found the CPR class for $45.00 thru there located in Richardson but they offer the class at other locations. I am going to try to get the CPR, drug screen, and Physical completed next week. The good thing about the transcripts is that they only want copies. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about all of the studying we are about to do. Seven of my closes friends are R.N.s and I remember how tough it was for them.
  13. by   mirandah2k
    I live in Las Colinas. I see online CPR classes, but I am not sure if I should trust them. My physical is tomorrow and I have sent out my reference forms, but I called and spoke with Raichelle who said that I could bring them in on Nov 20th. I am a little scared to trust that though...My drug screen will get done next week too. Everything else will be a breeze once I get past these ref forms, physical and the screen.