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NCTC LVN Program Info

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]Hello All,

]I'm looking for any information in regards to the NCTC LVN nursing program. My questions are as such: Are there any prereqs, shots that I should try and have done now, etc., I'm trying to make sure I give myself a good chance in getting accepted. I'm looking to try and get admitted for the January 2010 class. I'm interested also in any info for the ONLINE program as well (shots, prereqs, process, etc.,)

]-Thanks in advance!:specs:

ybstressed, LVN

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I am currently in the online program and I suggest that you take the A&P before you start. You will need shots, physical exam, drug test, etc. You will also have to take the NET. You can buy the study guide from the book store. The cost is 6,000.00 and be prepared to work your butt off. They work you like crazy because you are online. They pretty much prepare you to bridge to an RN, which they are now offering as a hybride course also for LVNs.

Thank you so much for the info! I can surely deal with $6,000.

I'm trying to get enrolled for the A&P at Cedar Valley this summer.

ybstressed, LVN

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i don't know if i would do that. i would contact nctc first. they are very particular about the type of science class you take. i took one at brookhaven and they would not accept it.

Will Do.

Is A&P required before they will admit you? Or can you take it while in the Program?

-Thanks once again!

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You can take while before or after being accepted into the course but my advice would be to take it before. Yesterday in class all of us agreed that a&p should be taken before.

ybstressed: I've been admitted to NCTC (first step) and now I'm just waiting on my LVN app response (so that I can test). But I do have a question about your current online LVN class. What is the general make up of the students in reference to their home locations? Are there any individuals that drive more than an hour for the weekend dates?

Thanks in advance!

ybstressed, LVN

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I drive a hour to the school and back... but after a few weeks u start clinical. which would require u to drive to the clinical location. There is one girl in my class that rents a room closer to the school or clinical site.... but just remember it is only during the weekends so I think it's with it. sorry if the message is sloppy I'm using my iPhone.


I'm applying for the NCTC online LVN program for spring '10. I already taken the NET (actually HESI this year) and I am now stressing if I did well enough! Do you have ideas on what the top scores for last years applicants were? This whole waiting until November to find out if I will be accepted is killing me!! :) Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appriciated! Thanks

I also took the hesi for 2010 and yes waiting to November is going to be stressful especially since people are still taking the test. The average score for the group that I tested with was 83 which I thought was really low. I scored 98 on the math and 91 on the reading which I was so disappointed. I really wanted high nineties for the reading.

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I don't know what the average score was for the entrance exam. But I did not take the hesi I took the NET. I missed 2 on the math and 3 on the reading.


yeah, i was a bit dissapointed in my scores also. i noticed the average score was an 83, which i thought was low as well. do you have any idea how many testing days they are offering? i heard last friday, today and next friday are the only testing dates available... but then you can apply up to october 2nd? i don't understand

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Yeah I heard the same thing, I also heard that the next test dates are not filled. I am confused also about test dates being offered to October. maybe they will cut it short since they have gotten such a great response. I also have been searching for others who have taken the test but I have not found anyone else.

I searched all over this website and haven't found any others that have taken the test for 2010 either. I did notice the students who are in the online class for this year received their approval letter around November 15... Hopefully we'll get ours sooner! I'm so nervous to know if my scores are good enough!

I tested at nctc on Saturday at 9:00 for the January 2010 admission, I can't stand the wait either! I got a 96 on math, which is good for me, but I was dissapointed in my reading score, a 91. My average was 93.65% Just hoping that is good enough to get in. If anyone else knows about test scores needed to be admitted, please post your comments. Also, if I do get in, what are the chances of being assigned clinicals close to your home? Do they work with you on that, or do you just get what you get? Any advice would be appreciated.

ybstressed, LVN

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As far as clinicals you get what you get. Right now I have to drive to Decatur which is 1 hour from my home......but I love being online!


After a few days you can check your score with evolve and see what the average score was for everyone that tested with you on Saturday.

msshun- Hey! Did you receive any letters from the NCTC nursing dept yet? A approval perhaps? They have already sent them out.

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