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Hi Everyone :) Just wanted to start a thread for everyone that's applied to the Navarro College ADN-RN program starting Fall 2012. Figured we needed a place to post, ask each other questions etc.... Read More

  1. by   RED1984
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    For informational purposes only Hope y'all had a good weekend!!
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  3. by   timmedico
    Are any of you guys applying for UT Arlington? They have 2 programs (RN-BSN and Professional Pathways Program, which are very similar) that you can work towards a BSN with while in Navarro's ADN program. I just applied, and I'm gonna try to finish all general BSN courses. I thought I'd mention it for you ladies who have kiddos and who can't drive across Texas to get a BSN (it's also A TON cheaper than other options, and financial aid helps even more).
  4. by   RED1984
    Hi Tim. My plan was to get my BSN online through UTA immediately after graduation/passing the NCLEX. The RN-BSN program admission requirements involves having RN licencure. The professional nursing pathways program requires ADN graduation. You have already applied? You must know something that I do not do tell... Please
  5. by   timmedico
    Hey Red. You are right about the RN-BSN program and the Professional Nursing Pathway. The Professional Nursing pathway, which allows you to start the BSN 8 weeks after ADN graduation (allowing you to get a job in that time period as a nurse and hopefully getting your hospital to pay for the BSN Nursing courses and expenses...reimbursing).

    The RN-BSN program also requires anywhere from 1-3 electives, which is $771.00 extra just for each course. Coursework will take a definite 13 months for the RN-BSN (which isn't bad really, due to them already having it fixed for you). All in all it just depends on how the person for which program is best.

    I'd like to also point out that it would be cheaper to take the general courses at Navarro. :P University of Texas at Arlington Academic Partnerships

    I talked to an advisor at UT Arlington who told me to first apply and get accepted to the college (It's obvious, I know. haha). Then, after they get your transcripts and tell you what classes transfer (most if not all should), you take any general courses you can and then apply to the program after you graduate. You can apply and be accepted into these programs while in the ADN Program.

    UTA seems like the best option for me, but if any of you guys wants another route, such as RN-MSN through Texas Tech (would help you get a step closer to becoming a Nurse Practitioner). There are a lot of good options and different schools to choose from. I hope this has helped.
  6. by   RED1984
    VERY informative!!! Thanks Tim can you "skip" your BSN and go straight from ADN to MSN?? If so; that's definetly my most desired option....
  7. by   timmedico
    Yep, sure can. I'll give you some links

    Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing (RN-M.S.N. ... -Angelo State University
    College of Nursing & Health Sciences - Texas A & M University ... -Texas A&M Corpus Christi

    There are other colleges that do the RN-MSN as well, but they aren't well known (not sure if they're accredited or in Texas either). I looked into the Texas Tech RN-MSN option and I misspoke on the last post: They only have an RN-BSN and then a BSN-MSN.

    RN to MSN Bridge Programs in Texas - Nursing School Degrees <---this is the best I've found thus far on diverse RN-MSN programs.
  8. by   timmedico
    This is kind of funny, so I won't pass up this: I found a link right over yonder -------> that has a link to a few of the RN to MSN programs. xD Took a lot of digging for that one!!!!!! BAHAHA
  9. by   RED1984
    Thanks Tim!!
  10. by   timmedico
    Ok guys, I have more information regarding UTA. I talked with my advisor there and he told me a lot about their RN-BSN Program. Pretty much as long as you have >2.5 GPA, good academic standing (as in no suspensions, etc) and RN licensure, you can get into this program (since there are no clinicals and the classes are online, there is virtually no competitiveness). I've applied to UTA and for us pre-nursing students, the application will go before the Nursing Board and others there to be examined and then (hopefully acceptance). Now the Professional Pathways Program allows you to start 2 semesters into the Navarro ADN Program, but really it's just about the same as the UTA RN-BSN program.

    I've heard issues that Microbiology taken at Navarro does/does not transfer to UTA, so to clear it up: micro DOES transfer, as well as just about any other class taken at Navarro. If you guys have any questions about it, there is a LIVE CHAT option at the top of: University of Texas at Arlington Academic Partnerships
  11. by   krissy711
    I am also in the ADN program starting Fall 2012. I have tried to register for classes but it will not let me on WebAdvisor. Anyone else have the same problem?
  12. by   RED1984
    Hi Krissy nope, I registered the day were accepted to the program lol. Have you registered online for classes before? How long have you attended Navarro?
  13. by   timmedico
    If it won't let you on WebAdvisor, there could be many different problems. Have you used it before? If not, you'd have to make an account. If you already have, it can be difficult to get in considering the password is different than blackboard. You can change your password (which is a hassle) and hopefully it'll work again. (remember, the blackboard password is your 6-digit birthday; web advisor is whatever you make it after the initial login).