Memorial Hermann June 2012 Internship is up

  1. If anyone is interested in Memorial Hermann, their Nurse Internships are up. Areas include OR, ER, ICU, Women's Services, and Med Surge.
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  3. by   commonsense
    Just noticed this, I'm applying ASAP. Are you planning on applying Plover1?
  4. by   Plover1
    i did but i pray to have something way before then. lol.
  5. by   commonsense
    I'm guessing you have graduated already?
  6. by   Plover1
    Yes in December.
  7. by   commonsense
    Sorry to hear about the extended job search, what seems to be the trouble locking down initial employment as a new grad?
  8. by   Plover1
    Well I started to apply to some gn positions that were just ob or pedi related. Then I stopped applying and started focusing on nclex. Now that I passed I am reapplying everywhere and more open. I had one interview before I graduated but I know where I messed up. But practice make perfect. Just patiently waiting. Faith
  9. by   xandarosa
    I graduated last May and still no luck getting a job. =( I applied I thought since I was an old grad I couldn't but HR said I could as long as I hadn't work as an RN. I've applied all over TX and other states.
  10. by   kdo11
    @commonsense-did you hear anything back from MHHS internship for June?
  11. by   kdo11
    @xandarosa- any luck yet? i also applied to there june internship.
  12. by   commonsense
    Quote from kdo11
    @commonsense-did you hear anything back from MHHS internship for June?
    Haven't heard anything yet. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, we'll see in the next couple weeks.
  13. by   xandarosa
    No luck. My friend that works there hasn't been asked about me yet either. Did TCH already put up there internship I've been looking everyday this month but never saw it.
  14. by   Plover1
    Tch hr said keep looking for it between now and the end if April.